Subversive Book Group Brings the Revolution to a Bookstore Near You


This story was mentioned on LISNEWS before but the Book Standard has done a story about the Ministry of Resehelving and they mention Steven M. Cohen and the LibraryStuff blog.


While, the idea of taking Orwell's 1984 off the shelf and putting it somewhere else seems one way to make a political statement about a government that does not want us to read it and compare 1984 with 2005, this really is a mis-fire...since they are making the book very difficult if not impossible to find... anyone could do this to any book creating a real mess and it could be considered censorship...if you come in for a book, can't find it and leave without it... besides, dutiful employees will probably be on the watch (or bookstore security cameras will) and move the books back, or things could get nasty and the activity could be considered shoplifting with security guards dispatched.Why not just leave the book where it is and slip in a bookmark with a message if you must...but that's probably a potential problem as well.

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