The case for censorship


Here's One I think we can all get behind, on the email we receive from our concerned friends made up of lies, distortions, half-truths, and bogus scares. the only kind of censorship that can be allowed in these United States. We must censor ourselves. Don’t be so quick to click on that “Forward� button. Please stop, think, and investigate before passing on a lie or false scare to the people you cherish. will help with your investigation, but a rule of thumb is, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.�


That's selection. Especially, it is not censorship when you can choose for yourself what you are going to look at. Sandy has a very poor understanding of the concepts involved. The idea that your freedom to choose what to pass on is and be solely responsible for it is censorship is a clear and present case of double think.

"Censorship" was likely used for shock value.> would be a better choice.

Another example of bad blanket judgments about words always denoting good or bad is the word "discrimination". My employer discriminates all the time. Against people outside the community when it comes to some library privileges, against people without education or experience when hiring, and against me when I ask for a raise. Only one of these is bad.