Trial by fire (reference can be fun!)

I'd done (some) reference work at the MoS, and I enjoyed it. Yesterday, my second day on the job, two people called in sick and I got to man the reference desk (at least not all alone) for an hour and a half or so.

Here's what I learned:

  • People get emotional over museum passes. And boy are they popular. Every other person had a museum pass question. Or statement, anyway.
  • Sometimes, web servers just stink.
  • There's no way to search the catalog for all the books with green covers and red lettering
  • PC users are afraid of Macs. (They make them those colors so they're friendly. ) Mac users, however, just hate PCs.
  • The closed stacks have low ceilings, and alas, it confirms my suspicion: I am very short.

All and all a good experience. I was more uncomfortable with the phone. It all seemed so immediate on the phone. In person, I could smile and people could see it and that was nice.

Today: weeding and systems work!


Good luck for a fabulous career. For awhile you'll wonder if you learned anything in Library school, but soon you'll realize there is a foundation holding you up during the tough times.

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