Autodiscovery of podcasts by keyword filtering

This article reports a procedure to find podcasts based on keyword filtering. They are automatically updated. This article addresses thequestion, "I don't mind looking for podcasts now, but how do I set it up so I get running information about new podcasts that mention things I'm interested in".
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For Squidward: Setting up Auto-Discovery of Podcasts By Keyword

This interesting article was reported in Researchbuzz (August 9th)


Thanks for posting this article. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I wanted to show that I've appreciated this and your other journal entries.

You may not need the reassurance but I'm insecure enough that when I don't get comments to a library/IS related posting, I feel like no one is listening. Please keep putting up the interesting items!

Thanks very much Daniel, for your encouragement. I have started posting on LISNews very recently and positive feedback like yours motivates me further to try to find jewels on the web. I also read your journal entries and are very informative. I believe that more we get familar with new and innovative ways of informing our users, the more we can contribute towards enhancing the quality of reference consultations. With this notion, I am always eager to learn and apply innovative strategies in teaching, instruction, consultations and informal communication with my faculty and students. In the process, it contributes in enhancing their information retriveal skills.