Laura Bush, the Consumate Administration Hack & Hypocrite

Cortez writes "As Laura Bush pontificates to other nations on what they should be doing on literacy, lets look at what hubby is ACTUALLY doing:
article here
"In presenting his fiscal 2006 budget request to Congress, Bush said he wants to reduce funding for the adult education program because an analysis by the Office of Management and Budget found that it was difficult to assess the program's effectiveness. If the cuts are approved -- as state adult education officials fear -- federal funding for adult education programs in Pennsylvania would drop from $19.3 million this year to $4.8 million next year.""


Perhaps the hypocrisy is in uping the support for programs that don't work, as Democrats like to do:

"Bush said, "I can't think of anybody in the Congress who is not for helping low-income families become literate. The problem is that after three separate evaluations, it has become abundantly clear that [Even Start] is not succeeding. People are not becoming more literate."

How much would you think would be appropriate to continue a program that isn't succeeding? Head Start has been proven time and again to be a failure but we continue to fund it. We have probably graduated our Head Start kids into the Even Start adult program. Cradle to Grave non-education for all Americans, so we can keep them poor and on the rolls of the Democratic Party.

Was Laura Bush recommending that middle eastern countries develop programs that don't work?

blogging on Laura's trip to the Mideast>.

Well! -- speak of the devil and he shall appear!

Depleted Uranium Bill Introduced into Congress, The Lone Star>, and reprinted at The fact that is reprinted there no doubt means that this is an unAmerican and unpatriotic movement, but, then, the twenty-one co-sponsors are all democrats, and every Right thinking person will tell you that makes them bastard-traitors who are soft on terrorism to begin with.

Congressman Jim McDermott (D-WA), a medical doctor, on May 17 introduced legislation with 21 original co-sponsors in the House of Representatives that calls for medical and scientific studies on the health and environmental impacts from the U.S. Military's use of depleted uranium (DU) munitions in combat zones, including Iraq.

Since McDermott wants a scientific study he'll never get it, of course, not from the anti-intellectual Bush regime. What he should do is use reverse psychology and table a bill calling for proof that DU is actually a kind of superenriched fertilizer that is good for growing things and little children. The Republicans will go for that and results will show otherwise, and then they'll have to try to cover it up.

Just as Agent Orange in Vietnam continues its legacy of death and horror unto generations long after the war officially ended, so Depleted Uranium will be a scourge of the Iraq occupation for decades.

Helen Caldicott on Depleted>

I do hope those of you with three-day weekends have enjoyed them. As the daughter of two WWII veterans and the granddaughter of two WWI veterans, Memorial Day is quite meaningful to me. But I did want to bring the discussion, albeit belatedly and briefly, back to literacy.

Even Start> is a family literacy program, which serves parents and children. It is based on school and community partnerships. It is a federal program that is administered by states. In Pennsylvania, the local school districts that receive grants must partner with their public libraries, which receive a percentage of the grant monies. Both schools and libraries work with local literacy providers. This is a good thing.

In my experience, the problems with Even Start are those familiar to anyone experienced with federal, state and school district bureaucracies. But I think the families, adults and children, do benefit. These are the people who most need help. If you had worked with an Even Start program, I think you would care more about these families, than standing on soapboxes, she says stepping down.

Relax, mdoneil; I didn't expect those of you enjoy the company of lunatics, small time dictators, neo-fascists, and Islamophobic Christo-fanatics to get it. And the fact that you sanction the murder of 100,000 Iraqi civilians, the murder of 1,660 or so American serviceman, and the siphoning off of billions of tax dollars into the pockets of Bush's corporate bum-chums is equally too bizarre for adequate comment.

By the way, you do know, don't you, that using munitions coated with depelted uranium constitutes nuclear warfare? You know how long that stuff is going to be hanging around in Iraq, polluting the environment they have to live in? But, of course, who cares. After all, they aren't lily-white, American God-worshippers, are they?

No fear, mdoneil. Your Bush regime has had no credibility with me from Day One.

You would like to see the US bombed with dirty bombs but your only concern is that it might drift northward and pollute Canada.

Amazing, that is simply too bizarre for adequate comment.

I have always tried to respect people if their opinions differed from mine, perhaps more if their opinions differed from mine as discourse is the fonudation of a functional democracy. However fang face I'm afraid I just can't give you the benefit of the doubt anymore.

I have read enough of your commentary to realize that your comment is not just hyperbole or political grand standing. You have crossed the line from rational discussion to fanatical anti-Americanism.

I hope you enjoy the company of lunatics, small time dictators, Communists, and Islamofascists.

Well if the ALA has a policy then we can rest assured all is well.

That's a nice piece of whacko spin, and mininterpretation as per the Republican bent. The illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq is not a war of self-defense, it is military misadventurism and I have no doubt that Washington would not countenance it. Neither would Jefferson, Franklin, or John Stuart Mills, to name a few.

Nice piece of Republican denial there, Greg, but genocide is also genocide when it is perpetrated by Amerika. And while Saddam is in jail we still need to send Bush off to the Hague to be tried as well.

As to bombing North Korea, I'm rather ambivalent about that. I'd like nothing better than to see N.K. bomb you back with a couple of dirty nukes, but I know pollution; the fallout won't stay on just your side of the border.

Here's a fascinating>. Here's a quote from> that puts it in perspective:

"If we desire peace, it must be known that we are at all times, ready for war."

President George Washington

or -1 flamebait. I'm having a hard time deciding which the submitters spin on the article is.

"How about the willful murder of 100,000 innocents based on a complete and obvious tissue of lies? Anything crass in that? "

There are other words for that, but no worries, Saddam's in jail so while we keep finding mass graves in Iraq at least we know there won't be any new ones. Now if we could just start bombing the Sudan and North Korea, I'd be happy.

You have a nice weekend Mikey.

So you're saying that cold, hard facts are crass?

Or just those facts which are embarrassing to Bush supporters?

How about the willful murder of 100,000 innocents based on a complete and obvious tissue of lies? Anything crass in that?

You know, at least my heading had something to do with the article. This is just crass.

Bush said, "I can't think of anybody in the Congress who is not for helping low-income families become literate.

Isn't this the same George Bush who forced on the American education system a program so badly flawed that it was counterproductive from the get go, and which Congress won't even fund the way it needs to be funded?

Perhaps the hypocrisy is vested in the current government in power.

One of the Robo-Group-Think mantras of conservatives is to condemn Head Start. If something helps people less fortunate than them, conservatives think it's bad.
Many U.S. librarians believe in helping the poor and the American Library Association has a policy; see Library Services for the>.
Instead of rote repeating of republican talking points these anti-child, anti-humanity types ought to show some intellectual curiosity and look at Head Start>

Typical Bush-bashing again and again. Can't you libs come up with anything good to say. Can't you ever put your moaning and whining aside and look at the positive long-term effects: FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY for Iraqi citizens. You just don't get it do you. Well, one thing you do know how to do is change the subject because this thread was originally about the failure of the Head Start program that the country is wasting billions of dollars on. How can anyone say it is actually working when evidence suggests that it doesn't. Our children are not making vast improvements. If anything they're graduating high school without the knowledge, aptitude and skills required to function literately in society.