PUBLIB: 5,000 of Your Closest Friends

Submitted by Blake on Mon, 12/29/2003 - 21:18

K.G. Schneider writes: "PUBLIB, established in 1992, is one of the oldest and largest independent
library-related discussion lists. PUBLIB's members include public librarians
from all over the world, library students, vendors, trustees, volunteers,
members of the library press, and others interested in public librarianship.

PUBLIB, managed by volunteers Karen Schneider and Sara Weissman, is read
directly by over 5,000 subscribers, and indirectly by many more. The focus
of PUBLIB is public librarianship. The list is collegial, the discussions
high-quality, and traffic is manageable, averaging several posts per day
(sometimes more when a "hot topic" emerges). PUBLIB's publicly-accessible
archives provide a valuable first stop for questions about public library
services and management.

To subscribe to PUBLIB, browse its archives (back to 1995), or find out more
about this venerable institution, go to: