Library's gay pride display taken down

An Anonymous Patron writes "A book display honoring Gay and Lesbian Pride Month was taken down Monday at West Gate Regional Library.

Some patrons had complained the display was offensive to them. But library officials say it was a misunderstanding which led to the exhibit being dismantled.
More At SPTimes (St. Petersburg, FL)"


The above was's worse today. Two Hillsborough County (Tampa, Florida) commissioners say public libraries are no place for Gay and Lesbian Pride Month exhibits.
Blogwood, a Tampa>, has a hilarious satire on this latest round of homophobia.

Until we as a society become enlightened enough to uphold God’s law, those of us who know the truth must remain ever vigilant against the perpetually rising tide of tolerance and understanding.

I'm glad there's attention on this issue, though. Hopefully it won't lead to the steady stream of bad policy. Here's my take on all>