Laura Bush speaks Truth to Power

Submitted by Blake on Thu, 05/26/2005 - 19:12

GregS* writes "At the World Economics Forum in Jordan to an audience filled with representatives of anti-democratic countries Laura Bush says the following:
"As the Honorary Ambassador for the United Nations Decade of Literacy, I'm asking all nations to help people acquire literacy skills. A mother's ability to read and write is especially important. Our mothers are our first teachers, and children's success is linked closely to theirs. Children who are read to from a very early age are more likely to begin reading early themselves. They're more likely to excel in school, to graduate from secondary school, and to go to a university. They're more likely to love learning and to value education." Read more here.
You can also read about a speech given by the Director of the Alexandria Library at the same conference here, including a critique of Laura's speech."