Condom Machines May Come To Public Libraries

Terrence Bosky writes to share a story from KOLD in Arizona,

"Condom Machines May Come To Public Libraries
By Kaushal Patel, KOLD News 13

It's just an idea for now, but condom machines may be placed in local public libraries."

An interesting quote from the article is encouraging considering that they assume teens are hanging out in libraries:

"We have to make them accessible neighborhood centers, libraries, other places teens are hanging out," says City Councilman Jose Ibarra. He wants to discuss the possible expansion with the library board."

I wonder how this one will go over!?


Now we can load up the childrens' section with the all the gay wiccan porn while everybody's focused on the contraceptives in the toilets!!!!

to keep the books clean. I'm all for them if they come with> that say "please consider using a condom while masturbating in the library bathroom."

Or signs that say "Hey, this gum tastes funny!"

Bwahahaha! Thanks for making me laugh!

I don't think we really need to bother with machines, though - I mean, we get donations of them in the bookdrop all the time - we can just put them in a basket at the Reference desk.;)