"Policy and Library Technology" out

Submitted by Walt on Mon, 03/28/2005 - 17:53

I just received my author's copies of Library Technology Reports 41:2 (March/April 2005), a 63-page issue on Policy and Library Technology.

I wrote this last Fall. While the ideas in it emerged out of the thinking reflected in the first four years of Cites & Insights, it's nearly all original material: A synthesis and relatively brief overview of the ways policy and library technology interact.

Obviously, I'm proud of it. It's not cheap ($63 for the individual edition), and I don't get royalties (it's an article, not a book, and I was paid up front), but I think some of you will find it worthwhile. You should be able to find out about individual-issue ordering here, or you can call the ALA Customer Service Center at 800-545-2433, press 5 for assistance.

(Don't blame me for the typography; that's LTR's design. I just wrote the text.)

Editorial change: It's actually $63 for the single copy.