Email is dead, blogs rool

I posted the "soft trial" piece here on Monday morning, reaching people directly and via RSS. Five people have commented in two days.

I posted a similar piece on the C&I Update blog on Tuesday,presumably reaching people mostly via RSS. One person has commented in one day.

I posted a much shorter piece on the Topica mailing list last night, reaching people via email. So far, 18 people have commented in 12 hours.

I already had a Perspective written on "conversation" and various internet tools (and claims as to how they support). This datapoint will probably modify that Perspective slightly.


One, what are the numbers? I didn't even know you HAD this blog until another library-blogger mentioned it, and I'm one of your biggest fans.

Two, what's the time spread? How long have you had this blog? The mailing list? Audiences develop over time.

If your point is "yes, ppl still use email," wouldn't dispute that. Just saying in this particular case you can't expect the same numbers in each medium.

The points are that:

  • People still use email
  • People respond to email--rapidly

I don't know the numbers for either C&I Updates or this LISNews journal; since I don't host either one, I'm not sure how I can tell.

Blake probably knows the overall readership of this journal. I know there are 26 people who have Bloglines feeds (but the feed's pretty ugly, and I'm inclined to believe most people read it directly at LISnews). I also know this is one of the more widely-read journals, but have no idea what that means. The "usual projection" (that Bloglines is about 75% of the aggregator market) would suggest about 34-35 people via RSS.

I see 133 Bloglines subscriptions for C&I Updates, which suggests about 178 subscribers in all; it's hard to believe anyone would use C&I Updates except via aggregator or RSS-to-email link, since it has so few postings.

Topica's simpler: Right around 400 subscribers.

"People still use email" I'm telling Jenny you said that! email is soooo 1999, all the cool kids read email in their aggie.

"Blake probably knows the overall readership of this journal." Well, Urchin does at least. And he says about 2,000 page views a week for you (ish) and that's total, so that's not 2,000 people. If I was forced to guess I'd guess that translates to about 1,300 people.

I'm not at all suprised email got the bigger response, I'd have been SHOCKED if it was any othe r way.

1,300 people? Now I'm shocked. I would have guessed a couple hundred at most. Geesh. Maybe I should post more often. (But that way lies blogness...)

Just arrived in the blog world.

      I read on paper, print C&I every month. Eventually I read it and pass it on to a colleague who also likes to read it whole and on paper. But I'd love to be able to point to separate sections, to print or link to them, for the benefit of other colleagues who have a smaller appretite for professional input.

      Does your counting responses already to something that was posted three days before mean that everybody but me who is tuned into blogs always reads and responds instantly? Hey, we've been having bureauocratic upheavals around here, I've a terrifying list of undone work, and 'keeping current' is more like a hobby for me, mostly done at home if I wouldn't rather read a book.

      Your fan in any format, Miriam Bobkoff, Santa Fe Public Library

Hi Miriam (grab yourself a LISNews account so your comments show up named!)

You read C&I just the way I'm hoping it's read, including the passalong. And linking to separate sections is the primary reason I'm considering selective HTML--although printing them (if you print more than half of an issue) wastes paper compared to the PDF, along with being harder to read.

Actually, though, that comment belongs on the previous entry (no problem: I'll take it into account).

The counting fast responses was purely an anecdote! Sunday is more-or-less the deadline, as that's the point I'll start making decisions.

I was just surprised by the relative amount of feedback--especially because those on the Topica list had to do a lot more to provide feedback, since they couldn't use Reply in their email client (because of the way the Topica list is set up) and they couldn't click on the "C&I Contents" link in the posting because the Topica mail is pure text, so it wasn't a link. Despite that, I got responses from 5% of the list in a very short period of time (it was up to 21 by 5 p.m. yesterday).

(But that way lies blogness...)

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