Campaign to Save America's Libraries: Toolkit


For those of you in communities where library services are threatened, the American Library Association has updated its "Campaign to Save America's Libraries" toolkit. Included are talking points, articles, and PR tools.

Everyone loves libraries, but libraries can't live on love alone. The Campaign to Save America’s Libraries provides new, easy-to-use and customizable tools for library advocates. Please join this important grassroots effort.


Buried at the bottom of the ALA page are a series of reports giving emprical data regarding the ROI on dollars spent on libraries. I was impressed that Florida reported $6.54 for every $1.00 spent! Did you know that the average tax increase Americans are willing to pay to support public libraries is $49? Or 67% of respondents to the Marist poll would support doubling financial support for libraries?

I'm sure these numbers have been reported before, could vary from state to state, and yes, could be totally bogus. I think its important to start showing that libraries work, people want them and they save money. If the public see libraries as a waste of money, they'll support eliminating libraries. If they see libraries as a good way to spend taxpayer dollars, hopefully they'll support ending taxpayer funding of sports stadiums, or other boondoggles.

Rochelle, you were reading my mind in this case. This is some ammunition I undoubtedly am going to need soon. Then again, if I can get Dr. Vavrek up here to speak in this heavily rural area there might be some help in a local case.

I think this is what ALA does best, or should do best, but how do they get the word out about this sort of assistance? I mean, that's an awesome toolkit of information and PR templates, but I've noticed that this story has gotten relatively few hits. Any ideas?