LASIK/LASEK (don't read if squeamish)

I've been away from New York for a bit having LASIK surgery (in the hinterlands, it's half the price as at home in the Apple). Originally, I was supposed to have both eyes done simultaneously(correction for astigmatism), but on the first eye, the laser took a bit more cornea than intended and caused a corneal abrasion. The doctor wants to wait and possibly do "LASEK", a more conservative procedure on the second eye which does not involve cutting a flap in the cornea...the disadvantages are having to wear a protective lens, more pain and a longer healing time. Both LASIK & LASEK have the same eventual results. Anybody with any experience to offer suggestions?


You're a daring birdie, I wouldn't mess with my eyes personally. I remember once listening to a radio program on that and the one dude said "I think history will show the cornea is not something we should be messing with"

I hope yours works out well!

Lasik> -- some good, some not. I've seen enough bad ones to not want the surgery unless my vision was so bad that anything would be better.

Hope it all works well for you.

Yikes! This is the second time in a week I've heard of this happening to someone as a result of the lasik surgery. That, and a graphic description of the procedure by a co-worker was enough to put me off any thoughts of getting this done any time soon.

Thanks for your thoughts Blake & Liz, I'm okay. Happily the abrasion is healing well. Apparently, my epithileum is not well-adhered to my Bowman's layer (i.e., in my mid-life I'm falling apart?) Nonetheless, like the brazen birdie I am, I've scheduled the second eye procedure for the second week of Febrary. FYI, the procedure itself was not scary or painful--really.

Thank you for your thoughts. I was the "lucky" 1-2% who have a problem.