Information Relevance

I'm still exploring the blogosphere and ran across this article on Information Relevance at Naturally, the post originated with someone else's post, but he did say something that made me think this was really relevant to librarians, information specialists, whatever we call ourselves.

"I wonder if the key to business success in the future will be finding managers who can quickly separate relevant from irrelevant information, and if it is, shouldn't we teach people how to master that skill?"

Did we not learn this in the basics of library school instruction? Terms like RELEVANCE and RECALL in regards to INFORMATION RETRIEVAL?

Actually, now that I've said that, I wonder if he's actually a librarian?


Either than or he's quite sharp with the information literacy skills we're always harping on. Good link, interesting reading.

After asking myself that question, I went back to the site and behold! there's an "about me" link. Alas, he's not a librarian, but an electrical engineer with an MBA and a lot of interest in making business info more accessible - at least that's what I got out of it.