Oprah's Impact on Book Sales Even Bigger than Expected


Anonymous Patron writes "A Press Release from Brigham Young University says The first quantitative analysis of Oprah Winfrey's book recommendations confirms the conventional wisdom that her endorsement dramatically increased individual book sales, but also suggests that her impact lasted longer than previously thought."


She must have said something about Pearl S. Buck recently because of the 3 copies of The Good Earth I have that had not circulated in 13 months I now have 4 reserves.

I never watched a whole episode of Orca Winfrey, about 7 minutes is my limit.

It was well known in the Canadian book industry that getting mentioned on CBC Radio's Morningside show, hosted by the late Peter Gzowski and broadcast nationally, would dramatically increase demand for the book. Morningside was an essential stop on any book tour Canadian authors.

Alas, Peter, and Morningside, are no more, but it's still true that a book mention on CBC Radio One will cause an upsurge in demand for the book within the listening area of the program.