Darn it!

I thought the rain here in the 'Bula-land (Ashtabula County in Ohio, that is) was not supposed to change to snow until tonight! I have duty at RadioShack for normal work until the mall closes and then I have to help with the Wednesday night set up proceedings for Black Friday. It seems like I probably should dig out my ice scraper today and throw it in my car to keep on-hand just in case whenever I get done tonight (anticipated anywhere from 2345 EST tonight to possibly even 0200 EST Thursday morning).

I saw a note on National Review Online about there being an audiobook edition of The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis read by John Cleese. Regrettably, it is out of print. Fortunately Cleveland Public Library should be putting a hold on it for me to pick up on a sojourn into Cleveland.

This is too dark and gloomy of a winter thus far. At least snow allows for sunlight to reflect and make things dreadfully bright...


I was working in a public library branch about 10 years ago, and we had that tape. It was a selection of the letters, not the complete book.

My impression was that it was a bit uneven. In some cases, Cleese was brilliant as "your affectionate uncle, Screwtape", but in other cases he seemed a bit perfunctory. It could simply be that I didn't catch the affect with he was investing that particular letter. My sense was, though, that when Cleese was good in this book-on-tape, he was very, very good.

Speaking of Lewis, I just found out about a book ( C.S. Lewis's Dangerous Idea amazon.com>) that revisits his argument for God from reason. Are you familiar with it by chance?