C-SPAN: The Digital Future


Anonymous Patron writes "C-SPAN: DIGITAL FUTURE: The Digital Future was a series of discussions hosted by the Library of Congress' John W. Kluge Center. The series examined how the digital age is changing the most basic ways information is organized and classified. The goal is to educate the public on the what the digital age means to their lives. The events included a featured speaker, followed by a panel discussion, and a question and answer session. You can now view the entire series online."


Maybe the webcast was too popular for C-Span's server! -

I found an alternate source on

David Weinberger's Joho the Blog
(Thanks goes to Michael Shook)

November 21, 2004 entry

Speech (15MB) Q&A (19MB) The whole shebang (39MB)

The Quicktime movie of it is here in the unlikely event that you think seeing me will improve your experience of it. Or maybe C-SPAN's Real version of it will work for you.

Samantha already posted on this! Does anyone know how to access (view) the series online? I think C-Span is going to be selling the DVD. Does anyone know of a webcast through C-Span or the LOC? Following the link on the C-Span page opens to a "dead page."

D'oh! My fault, I guess I should've read that closer, and at least checked the link. I'd imagine that they'll fix the link at some point.

It was the button matked "watch" video that linked to the dead page. The C-Span page opened fine. Blake, you are aces!

These lectures are still ongoing--you can't see any but the first since the rest have yet to take place. And you can't even see the first since the link is dead! Keep checking back; hopefully it will be fixed soon and the lecture is really worth watching.In other news, I should have submitted this as a story instead of/in addition to posting in my blog...

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