Library to show F-heit 9/11 -- And Probably Go to Court

Anonymous Patron writes "A hot-button film is getting multiple viewings at a local polling place the week before the election, NewsChannel5 reported. Some say the West River branch library should not be playing politics. Here's the first story and a follow-up story from today in which the library said it was just trying to accommodate all the patrons who had holds on the film.


"Librarian Debby Kressa said she is surprised by the complaints."Ouch. I'm suprised anyone could be suprised!

The library is a polling place on Nov. 2 . . .

This is a load of crap; I have no doubt this fool is just pissing and moaning because he doesn't want the film shown, and crying about how the library is going to be a polling station on 02 Nov has nothing to do with it's not being a polling station the rest of the four year cycle. And some of those taxpayers want to see that film, as witness their names being on the waiting list. I wonder if this dufus is also showering shit and derision over Sinclair Broadcasting playing fast and loose with election fraud.

Well, the director pulled the plug. See this statement:In response to community concern and to provide both sides of an issue, the Elyria Public Library System is in the process of trying to obtain public performance rights for Farenhype 911.Once obtained, the Library will re-schedule both documentaries to be presented back to back.

Grumpy - did you happen to notice the "typo" on the Ohio library link you mentioned...URL

(in paragraph one) "performance rights for Farenhype 911" Yup, FARENHYPE.

That's not a typo; the library is apparently trying to obtain public performance rights to another movie, FahrenHype 9/11, which is a response to Fahrenheit 9/11. The website is here:

Balance, rather than silence.

I had no idea that was the name of a movie. Thanks for the correction.