Another "great joke" from a conservative "Christian"

The Seattle Times has another case of a conservative "Christian" saying something truly vile, and under public pressure, claim it was just all a joke.

Swaggart's original comment, received with applause and laughter:

"In the broadcast, Swaggart was discussing his opposition to gay marriage when he said, "I've never seen a man in my life I wanted to marry."

"And I'm going to be blunt and plain: If one ever looks at me like that, I'm going to kill him and tell God he died," Swaggart said to laughter and applause."

His apology:

"Swaggart said yesterday he jokingly has used the expression "killing someone and telling God he died" thousands of times, about all sorts of people. He said the expression is figurative and not meant to harm."

This sort of "joking" has no place among real Christians.

Other coverage of this topic can be found by searching Google News.

Now, it's a positive fact that many people on the left say very vicious things from time to time, but I'm not familiar with someone on the left who has made deeply hateful comments AND then tried to pass it off as a joke. Sadly, Alec Baldwin meant what he said when he wished Rep. Henry Hyde and all his family to die.

At least he is honest in his hatred (and should be picked up if he makes concrete threats).


Swaggert represents Christian conservatives like Julian Bond represents blacks:

"Their idea of equal rights is the American flag and the Confederate swastika flying side by side," Bond told a cheering audience. "They've written a new constitution for Iraq and ignore the Constitution here at home. They draw their most rabid supporters from the Taliban wing of American politics. Now they want to write bigotry back into the Constitution."

Swaggert should've retired 20 years ago when he made his tearful apology on national television. Bond should've retired after he made that statement.

Except Bond is right in that statement. Those are exactly the kind of things that is going on in the Church/State entangled politics of the Bush regime, and Bush's power base is exactly the kind of hate-filled lunatic Swaggert is.