Tell me something that's NOT politically motivated

Between "Swift Boat Vets for Truth" (although mercifully they've been out of the limelight lately), the faked memo on "Sixty Minutes" and yesterday's story about a crooked PR man's attempt to get out the GOP vote in a library, I'm a little fed up with how things work between June and November in an election year. Here's the news about alleged rotten doings by Tom DeLay's staffers, Houston Chronicle -- no registration required.


but there is major distinction here that needs to be made. It is one thing to be fairly open re your political bias eg swift boaters. It's another to deceive others by portraying objectivity, when in fact the case is different eg Mr Rather.

However I have a much bigger issue with voter registration campaigns which are really strategies for getting out the liberal vote. Take ALA's "Your Vote Matters" partnership with Working Assets, whose mission reads:

Since 1985, Working Assets has generated $40 million for progressive nonprofits, including Greenpeace, Oxfam America, Rainforest Action Network, Human Rights Watch, Planned Parenthood, Stand for Children and Doctors Without Borders, among many others.

So we have ALA subsidizing a liberal PAC with funds partly received from public libraries which in turn are generated by public tax dollars. Does anyone see a problem with this? More importantly, does anyone think our stakeholders have a right to know this? I also think there is an issue of scope here with respect to one library and an entire national library association.

And of course there is MTV's "Rock the Vote", which speaks for itself.

tomeboy, who is "loveable Uncle Charlie"?

He was the live-in help on "My Three Sons".

tomeboy, who is "loveable Uncle Charlie"?

Perhaps there's a new reality show here and we don't even know it?

But back to birdie's orginal post - I feel your pain, birdie, I do! I move that we have two months of campaigning allowed and not a smidgeon more. No sound bites, no advertising, no TV pundits, just straight stuff from the horse's mouth, preferably printed in newspapers. It's good to dream.

Thanks. I will.

I thought for sure you would suggest that I should give off fewer emissions on LISNews. ;-)

Gee, I see us more as Spice Girls types...ha ha just kidding. But we do have a good group here, however wildly diverse in opinion.

It's good Chuck B. Be sure to wear a helmet.

I just bought a bike, and I'm hoping to be able to commute to work on it several days a week. I really need the exercise, and I have felt great after the two brief times I have ridden it so far.

I'll use less gas, give off fewer emissions, contribute less to traffic congestion, and be healthier (barring accidents). How's that? :)

It is quite possible that this prosecution is politically motivated. Ronnie Earle is no friend of DeLay, and it won't hurt his reelection chances with his constituency in Travis County to have dealt DeLay a blow.

That being said, it is also possible that these people (not DeLay staffers, but staff involved in a PAC DeLay started) are guilty. If they truly are, I hope they get nailed.

Birdie - Little Mary Sunshine is good, but I see Daniel more as our dispassionate, thoughtful Ward Cleaver. Sort of a LISNews father figure with perhaps Blake as an irascible yet loveable Uncle Charlie type.

Whatdya think sis?

Thank you Little Mary Sunshine! You've cheered me up Daniel. Yeah, this is a great network I agree.

Well, it's been three straight days of heavy rain here in Juneau.I think I work with kind-hearted, thoughtful and generous coworkers.I enjoy having a nationwide community of library-oriented people to talk to!

"I'm a little fed up with how things work between June and November in an election year."

Poison Politics have existed since democratic elections were created. I wouldn't let it get you down. Its like Captain Planet says, "The power is in *you*!"

Well tomeboy, we may only be seeing the proverbial tip of the iceberg. But thank you for your input.

Ah yes! If my memory serves me, he was somewhat disheveled...but I could be getting confused with Fred Mertz. ;-)

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