Coming Out Now...the iPad (aka the Apple Tablet)

Wired speculates about the up and coming new device that Apple will be announcing today. Will it be a glorified book reader? An iPod Touch/iPhone on steroids? We will find out very quickly here, and then we can all envision how we could use the device. Will it help you at work? Will it be the perfect commuting partner? Will you use it as the mother of all television remotes? Consider this, though. How will it affect our children? How will they use the tablet?

If your children are anything like mine, they will want to play with it the moment it comes out of the box. They will be amazed at how large their favorite iPod Touch apps look on the larger screen. And the screen will be large enough that they can both play with it at once. We could watch videos from the internet or do interactive educational websites (I’m looking at you, BBC) without leaving our school table. When we go on a trip, we could bring our entire homeschool library with us. Of course, we’d have to have two tablets, since we have two children.

Read More and in the NY Times.


Gizmodo is showing pictures of the new Apple Tablet live at the announcement event.

The announcement is going on right now. When you are at Gizmodo click refresh every minute or so because they are blogging as Jobs speaks.

The name is official now. The tablet is the iPad

when is it comeing out in it is cool and why do people wont to bye it so bad


I can't help but think of feminine products when I hear the word pad. My apartment landlord just renamed the complex I live in as Vintage Pads and I think of June Allison and Depends each time I see the new sign. Don't people run these things by a committee first before they get these odd names?

>Don't people run these things by a committee first before they get these odd names?

They should also run it by their lawyer.

See article:

IPad? That's So 2002, Fujitsu Says

Fujitsu, which applied for an iPad trademark in 2003, is claiming first dibs, setting up a fight with Apple over the catchy name of its new tablet device.

My first thought was they couldn't use any of the names they wanted as they were already taken by others.
Mind you there is a chance that anything with i before it could be considered an Apple product so who knows!

whens does come out because i get the ipad or lantop i not going to wait

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