Cites & Insights 8:9 (September 2008) available

Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 8:9 (September 2008) is now available.

The 26-page issue (PDF as usual, but HTML versions of the individual essays are available using the links below or at the C&I home page) includes the following five essays:

Bibs & Blather: Projects and Rejects

40% less self-indulgent than the five-part post! Some new information! Otherwise, it's largely the same material. If you feel you already know all this, skip right on over to:

Perspective: Updating the Book Discovery Projects

Microsoft dropped its project--and in the process released all limits on 300,000 scanned books and gave the scanners to its partners. That and lots more in this multipart roundup.

Perspective: On Conferences in a Time of Limits

Why do we go to conferences--and will conferences change significantly thanks to high travel costs? Some semi-informed musings and non-predictions.

Old Media/New Media

Are print newspapers really dying? Does the news revolution make us better informed? Can you really make a living from the long tail--and is that tail extending, or is the head thicking further? And, of course, a few notes about ebooks and ebook readers.

Retrospective: Pointing with Pride, Part 5

This set of notes includes my own version of an ALA URL (and I'm sure those will all get better real soon...) and the Best. Issue. Ever.

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