Childrens author ejected from plane for bad language


Children's author ejected from plane for bad language
A New York children's author who used a curse word in exasperation during a plane delay at a U.S. airport was ejected from the aircraft for disruptive behavior.

Robert Sayegh, 37, said Atlantic Southeast Airlines overreacted to his salty language when it summoned police aboard to escort him off the Sunday evening flight at Detroit Metro Airport.


Go the F**k To Sleep by Adam Mansbach is selling in the gazillions (note, it's not a children's book). Shall we get real (airline) people?

Do not quite get the argument you are trying to make. You refer to a non-children's book that is selling lots of copies. What relation is there between a non-children's book with profanity and the airline not allowing profanity?

I just checked WorldCat for titles with Robert Sayegh in the Author field. Thirty hits, twelve of them books, but nothing that looked like a work for children. Actually, there was nothing where "Robert" and "Sayegh" appeared near each other.

Maybe "aspiring children's author" would be better, Reuters.

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