Chicago Mayor Emanuel Proposes Deep Cut to Staffing at Chicago PL

Chicago's new mayor has recommended a budget that would deeply cut the Chicago Public Library's budget and staff, and he doesn't want the library employees talking to the press about a plan that could cost about a third of them their jobs. Library officials contacted by LJ uniformly referred all questions about Mayor Rahm Emanuel's budget to the mayor's office, and the employees had no comment about Emanuel's proposed budget which recommends: --- Cut overall library funding from $90.3 million in FY11 to $79 million in FY12 (although the city's contribution would go from $63.4 million to $64.7 million, which includes an expected $10 million state grant for capital projects); --- Cut the library's FTE count from 1128 to 765;


Mayor Emanuel wants to lengthen the school day to improve the quality of education in Chicago; it seems inconsistent to cut library hours at the same time.

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