In Challenge to ILS Industry, OCLC Extends WorldCat Local To Launch New Library System

Marshall Breeding: In a bold move that could reshape the library automation landscape, OCLC has expanded WorldCat Local’s existing cataloging and discovery tools with new circulation, delivery, and acquisitions features. This new project, which OCLC calls "the first Web-scale, cooperative library management service," will ultimately bring into WorldCat Local the full complement of functions traditionally performed by a locally installed integrated library system (ILS).


When I was on the crew helping open a new academic library in 2002-03 and still an undergrad, the question was posed then about why OCLC could not be used in lieu of an ILS. The main things missing were circulation and acquisitions modules, at a minimum. It looks like we might see that in 2010 the way the LJ piece reads.

Very interesting.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen
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A shockingly predictable development.