Carlos Gimenez, Miami-Dade Mayor: 'The Age Of The Library Is Probably Ending'

<p>From</p><p>"The news that Miami-Dade Mayor was axing funding for a no-kill program at county animal shelters got worse on Monday when he announced that nearly two dozen local library branches would also be shuttered to avoid a tax increase.</p><p>The deep cuts, if passed, mean closing 22 libraries and laying off 251 library employees."</p><p><a title="Full story here" href=";ir=Books">Full story here</a></p>


Being one of the many librarians to be let go, I wrote this song using the tune from the Firefly tv series.

And I don't like to get political but this is the direction, alas, in which things are going here in NC as well as in Florida. The gist is this: "We don't really care about poor people. Rich folks have computers and everything we need to know is on the Internet, right?? And nobody reads BOOKS anymore, right?? So who needs libraries?"
I'm quite frankly surprised that our "fine" legislators here in North Carolina didn't come up with this idea first. Shhh... I don't want them to get any ideas! - An old school librarian from NC

It's so disheartening to see these cuts taking place. Thankfully, not where I live (yet - knock on wood).

Where do these people think that poor people will develop their computer skills or search for jobs? Aren't they all about poor people getting off the unemployment and/or welfare rolls and getting jobs? Well, most job applications are online only now and the majority of poor people don't have a computer. Maybe they can go to the Miami-Dade mayor's house and fill out their job applications.

What about teens who use the library as a safe place? I guess they'd rather have the teens out in the streets, at the malls, or causing trouble rather than in the library where they'll actually go on the computer, play games, interact with other teens in a safe, non-violent surrounding, and get to read books in the process.

It's amazing that people keep thinking that libraries are "dead" when in fact, library circulation nationwide has been increasing.

Carlos Gimenez is another Republican who wants to cut public services like libraries. Although he grew up to become a mayor after his poor roots as the son of ranchers in Cuba, he doesn't seem to feel any sympathy with other children who want to improve their lives with education and reading and access to computers.

Sigh. Yet another politician who wants to maintain our rich resource of burger-flippers and cheap ranch labor. And to serve as servants in the homes of the elite.

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