Can I get a hand

Can some body give me some direction?

I so want to work in a library setting, but getting my foot in the door seems to be VERY hard.
I wish to continue to get a MLS, but not if I cannot even get started.
Does any one have some advice sites to look at that deal with these types of employment or what?

Thanks for any of those who help!

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ALA has a website and a job search area. There is, and I find that going through City & County & State HR sites in the job area helps, also the University websites will list employment opportunities.

You might have to settle for a part-time clerical position in order to get your foot in the door....but right now, many (most) libraries are not hiring.......Good luck.


I will check these sites thanks!

I have been trying to get on a library for a year already.
I find it funny that all major companies have online apps, but it not true for the libraries.
PT is all I am looking for anyway.

God Bless have a great day!

Because of the economy, most libraries are not currently hiring. If you can "afford" it, you might want to consider volunteering a couple of hours a week at your local library. Many libraries rely on volunteers to for backroom tasks such as material repairs and processing, shelving assistance, or providing a second pair of hands during a children's activity such as storytime or the summer reading club. Volunteers don't get paid but it can lead to a (part-time or full-time) clerical positon when one becomes available. Good luck.