Bye Bye B. Dalton


The remaining B. Dalton Bookstores, a division of Barnes & Noble, will all close at the beginning of next year.

The Hawk Eye-IA reports: "These are small-format, low-volume stores in malls, and their leases are expiring. This is in line with what we've been doing over the last eight years, closing 35 to 40 stores per year as their leases expire," said Lenore Feder in an e-mail statement.


I remember hanging out in B.Dalton's as a teen at the Mall. It was fun.
Went there as a pre-teen kid with my mom a lot, too.

Also miss the old Bookstop bookstore that used to be in Sugar Land, Texas. Anyone remember those?

Borders and B&N are okay; I remember when Borders had lots of untranslated foreign language lit, but since that obviously didn't fly off the bookshelves very often, they've basically converted it to the Spanish language section with maybe an odd title in French or German here and there.

I grabbed a bunch of Portable Professor lecture series from the bargain bin at B&N awhile back...good stuff (but of course not at all mass marketable, either). Even picked up a hardcover edition of Dan Dennett's Breaking the Spell for $6.00! Way cool.