Buyer Beware, Stolen LDS Books May Have Led to Bookseller's Murder

Tragic story out of Salt Lake City. Police are investigating the fatal stabbing of bookseller Sherry Black who was killed in the shop she ran with her husband, B&W Billiards and Books, 3466 S. 700 East.

"She was physically beaten and stabbed more than once," Keller said. "Her wounds did cause a considerable amount of blood loss at the crime scene."

The Deseret News has learned about a transaction in which Black purchased rare, stolen LDS books from a Juggalo gang member with a history of making threats. The incident occurred in February of 2009.

Lorin Nielsen, 20, was arrested and charged with stealing books from the Bluffdale home of his father, who is a polygamous church president. Nielsen pleaded guilty in April 2009 to theft, a third-degree felony, and theft by deception, a second-degree felony. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

In March 2009, Nielsen's father told detectives he had noticed some rare LDS books missing from his home library, according to police reports. He reviewed security camera footage and saw his son removing the books on Feb. 20, when he had been at the home for a funeral. The home also functions as a church meeting place.

When the father showed the video to his son, Nielsen admitted taking the books and said he sold them at Black's B&W Billiards and Books store, police reports state.


This story is five levels of bizarre, starting with the (apparent) combination of bookstore/pool hall.

The idea of a "Juggalo gang."

I don't know if police authorities are seriously trying to call a group of Juggalos a "gang" but if so that's a gross misuse of the term. I know a bit about youth culture and no juggalo considers themselves to be in a "gang."

There are stupid people who commit crimes who happen to be juggalo. That doesn't make the juggalo fanbase a criminal enterprise.

Juggalos are classified as a gang in Utah, Arizona and elsewhere.

Bad combo, bookselling, billiards, violent gangs and religious extremists.

How are there religious extremists in this story? Just because the father is a polygamist? You should stop the hating now. Gay marriage is going to be legal across the country and the next thing to get legalized after that is going to be plural marriage. You might as well stop being a bigot now since the change is coming.

Polygamy is a behavior engaged in by very few in our society. If you think the term 'religious extremism' is incorrect than maybe you misunderstood my point.

I do not hate polygamists. I certainly do not hate gays. Can't think of too many people that I hate except for those that would do harm to others. I am not a bigot and I certainly don't want others to consider me one.

I prefer not to be called names by an unknown stranger trolling my posts. So, announce your presence "anonymous". Who the hell are you? C'mon out of the ether so I can decide if I want to hate you or not.

I started out my comment with this question "How are there religious extremists in this story?"

If there is a misunderstanding why don't you answer the question so that we are talking about the same thing? I read the article and there were only a few religious things in the article. The most extreme thing seemed to be the polygamist father so my assumption was this is what you were talking about when you mentioned "religious extremism".

Twenty years ago you would have been an extremist to say that gays should be allowed to marry. Currently you are a bigot if you disagree with that point. The same thing is going to happen with polygamy. Once we have gay marriage in all 50 states what legitimate argument can people make to ban polygamy? If multiple consenting adults what to get married what legitimate state interest is served by stopping them form getting married?

If you are saying that polygamy is extremist you are a bigot. Just like someone who says that gay marriage is extreme is a bigot.

I'd like to remind Anonymous that it's very easy for me to figure out who "Anonymous" is on many threads, this one included. If you've logged into your LISNews account from the same IP you post as Anonymous I can see who you are. Let's all play nice. 3 strikes and you're out, and this is #2. I really have better things to do.

Is it not he real point of the story here that someone was fatally stabbed? Arguing about a word here or there in the article is one thing, but you two lost the point of the article.
Royce Kitts
-not anonymous
-not some cute nickname

...that is the real point of the story Royce. I believe that the comments were meant to be a personal attack on my character. I do wish that "Anonymous" hadn't started with his/her vendetta in the comment section of the story.

real name: Robin K. Blum

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