Buy India a Library


Buy India a Library
About the project
Buy India a Library is an appeal from four librarians on Twitter. We want to raise enough money via PayPal donations, to buy a mobile library in India, or even a permanent library with books, furniture and staff!

Please get involved, give as much as you can, and spread the word to as many people as possible. Let's make this happen!


How about we buy a town in America a library? Don't we give enough aid to other counties, while cutting services for Americans?

Hi - we get asked this quite a bit, and it's a fair point. We answer it on our FAQ - - basically the answer is, yes okay, let's do that! But as long as someone actually goes and makes that happen. Otherwise, $5 which won't make any difference to the library system in the US could make a huge difference to the library system elsewhere - $100 literally buys an entire mobile library in Africa, whereas it wouldn't even make a dent in the problems we're having with libraries in the UK and the US.

We hopefully are in no way *taking away* from giving to our own libraries - we're just trying to catalyse giving that wouldn't otherwise happen, and create some good news about libraries for once. Let's open one, rather than close one!

- Ned (one of the Buy India a Library team)

Good job, librarians! I am going to visit the RLHP soon whilst on a trip throughout India, so I'm excited to see that the campaign was VERY successful

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