Britons Sue Government for Closing Libraries

Is closing a library comparable to child abuse? At least one Brit thinks so.

Campaigners are seeking a ruling that decisions to close six libraries in the London (UK) borough of Brent are legally flawed.

The Brent case is expected to be followed in the near future by similar challenges to library cuts proposed by Gloucestershire and Somerset county councils, and on the Isle of Wight.

Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, the Pet Shop Boys and Goldfrapp are among those who have contributed to campaign legal costs.

Playwright Alan Bennett launched a scathing attack when he spoke at a church benefit to raise legal funds to save Kensal Rise library, one of the six under threat in Brent. He compared the loss to ''child abuse''.

Brent campaign lawyers yesterday applied for judicial review, arguing council officers unlawfully failed to assess local needs and the likely impact of closing half the borough's libraries.

From the Telegraph UK.


There are 12 libraries in Brent so they are closing half. That still leaves 6. Not great I know but it's not like they are getting rid of all of them. 270,000+ people in Brent btw.

I just wish that all our local councils actually involved the taxpayers. And say. Right this is the money we have what do you want us to provide. Then we'd actually see how everyone thinks rather than just a few. If everyone wants to spend the money on Libraries that's fine, but let people choose!
I know in some areas people would rather have their bins emptied regularly or money is spent on other things.

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