Bootlegging the books

R Hadden writes: Only a few days after the new Harry Potter book came out, a bootleg
(or should we call it a bookleg?) copy was available for free for reading
or downloading on the Internet. Someone had scanned all 700+ pages of their
copy, and then posted the entire book on the web.
According to an article in the Washington Post, publishers who are
pushing for profits in the new world of e-books are also fearful of the new
challenges to copyright and the ease of exchanging files across the world
wide web. It is more difficult to monitor the exchange of relatively
smaller text files than it is to monitor larger files exchanged by Napster
or movie pirates.

To view the entire Article, go to
The Washington Post

Don\'t Steal This Book

Can the Association of American Publishers and Microsoft pull the plug
on bootleg books on the Internet?

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