Bookyard, a Library in Ghent, Belgium

Outdoor Library

From Tumblr: Bookyard is a project where Massimo Bartolini brings the public library to the great outdoors.

In Ghent, Belgium, St. Peter’s Abbey Vineyard has been a part of the town landscape since the Middle Ages. Now this historic vineyard has gotten a beautiful new addition, dubbed Bookyard, which was recently installed by the Italian artist Massimo Bartolini. Designed as part of the art festival Track: A Contemporary City Conversation, 12 sweeping bookcases align with the Abbey’s grapevines and harken back to an old world Europe that was once filled with bounded print, and free from digital forms.


Another example of books as art, rather than library materials. An interesting concept, but I wouldn't want the books from my library left out in the rain in Flanders. "The rain in Flem on the titles makes a stain!"

The books are also not a collection. The story says that people can buy a book from this art installation for a small fee. So the books are probably just a big group of thrift store books.

I had the same thoughts on rain. There is no way that structure would keep the book dry over an extended period. Gently rain falling directly down those shelves would work. But rain with a little wind and all the books would get wet. This is not a huge problem when you have a big mass of thrift store books.

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