Books are not just for reading now


I almost wanted to put this in Humor.

The Lansing State Journal Has a Story on the newest home decorating trend, Books!

They\'re books, but they\'re not just for reading anymore.

\"Sometimes we have interior decorators buy books by the yard for customers,\" said Ray Walsh, owner of Archives Book Shop and the Curious Book Shop in East Lansing. \"It really does add a personal touch,\" he said.

\"Every once in awhile we get someone who has model homes who buys books for display so the house doesn\'t look empty,\" Walsh said.

Donna Schmidt, owner of Acanthus Interiors Inc. in East Lansing, said she\'s helped customers decorate with books a few times. \"Oftentimes when you do a library or study, they want something more classy than a paperback.\" She says many people go to antique stores or used bookstores to find volumes of the right color and size.

\"Books are great for their literary and photographic value, but additionally they do offer a decorative appeal - they\'re visually beautiful, colorful and they bring instant warmth to a room,\" says homeowner Concetta Beck.