The Report

At, they track demand trends for a wide range of out-print titles. Most of those books went out of print because of low demand or ailing publishers, but some have more interesting publishing histories, involving factors like suppression or controversy. Several of the titles in this year's Report fall in the latter category.


At Bookfinder they mention the hoax book "The Autobiography of Howard Hughes". In print the book is hard to find but at Clifford Irvings website you can download the entire book as a pdf. It is here. Mr. Irving is the author of the Hoax book.

In addition to the actual book that was the hoax, Irving wrote a book after he got out of jail that detailed the whole hoax. That book is: The Hoax

The "Autobiography of Howard Hughes" was reprinted in the UK as: Howard Hughes: My Story and it is available at the U.S. version of

Before Irving did his hoax he wrote about someone else's: Fake! The Story of Elmyr De Hory, the Greatest Art Forger of Our Time

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