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Cites & Insights 16:4 (May 2016) available

The May 2016 issue of Cites & Insights, volume 16 issue 4, is now available for downloading at

The issue is 13 pages long. If you're reading it online or on a tablet, you may prefer the one-column 6"x9" edition at That version is 26 pages long (and lacks one extraneous paragraph).

Mt. Everest and Library Work

A few weeks ago I watched the movie "Everest" . Doing so inspired me to find further background material; I found some articles about former Everest base camp manager Helen Wilton. I enjoyed reading her comment about applying for a position at a much different setting:

"On her return to New Zealand after the 1996 tragedy, Wilton took a job with Christchurch City Libraries.

"They told me at the beginning that the library was actually quite a stressful job," she says.

Cites & Insights 16:3 (April 2016) available

The April 2016 Cites & Insights (16:3) is now available for downloading at

That print-oriented version is 30 pages long.

NJ Library Sued Under Open Public Meetings Act

A public library in New Jersey had a child viewing Internet p 0 r n in the kid's section of the library in January 2015. The mom complained. The library reacted by ensuring kids could continue to view the unfiltered Internet in the children's section of the library. They did this by changing library policy to add the American Library Association recommendations that accomplish that goal. While doing that, they repeatedly blocked the public from observing those policy changes.

Cites & Insights 16:2 (February-March 2016) available

Cites & Insights 16:2 (February-March 2016) is now available for downloading at

The double issue is 46 pages long.

Cites & Insights 16:1 (January 2016) available

It's an odds-and-ends issue, and what may be oddest of all is that it's still around...

The January 2016 Cites & Insights (16:1) is now available for downloading at

Cites & Insights December 2015 (15:11) available

The December 2015 issue of Cites & Insights (15:11) is now available for downloading at

This issue is 58 pages long. If you plan to read it online or on an ereader (ebook, tablet, whatever), you may prefer the single-column 6" x 9" edition, 111 pages long, at

Cartooning: The New Front Line in Free Expressionism

Pulitzer Prize Winner, Tom Toles, discussed editorial cartooning on Thursday, July 30 in the Amphitheater. Toles is currently to editorial cartoonist at The Washington Post. He has received numerous awards for his work, including the National Cartoonist Society's Editorial Cartoon Award the 2011 Herblock Prize, and the 1990 Pulitzer Prize in editorial cartooning. In his lecture he went through five steps it takes to make editorial cartoons, and discussed his recent work.

The Weakness of the Case for Cameras in the United States Supreme Court

The Weakness of the Case for Cameras in the United States Supreme Court

Many people regard it as obvious that Supreme Court proceeding's
should be open to video camera, and should be broadcast live on television
and online. After all, the activities of Congress and the President are routinely publicized in this way, as are the proceedings of many state and lower federal courts. The benefits of such broadcasting seem manifest, and by stubbornly resisting this trend the Supreme Court apparently runs afoul of the basic demands of democratic transparency.

Cites & Insights November 2015 (15:10) available

Cites & Insights 15:10 (November 2015) is now available for downloading at

This print-oriented two-column version is 38 pages long.

In Elite Schools' Vast Endowments, Malcolm Gladwell Sees 'Obscene' Inequity

In a sharp-elbowed opinion piece in The New York Times this week, Victor Fleischer, a law professor at the University of San Diego, took several big-name schools to task for the ways that they handle their endowments.

Fleischer cited Harvard, the University of Texas, Stanford and Princeton — but he reserved his harshest criticism for Yale University, which he says pays private equity firms $480 million a year to handle its endowment. Meanwhile, he says the school spends only $170 million dollars on financial aid for students — while tuition often rises.

Cites & Insights August-September 2015 available

More than half a million articles appeared in Gold OA journals (in DOAJ) in 2014--in more than 9,700 such journals. (The 400,000 mark was actually reached in 2012.)

That initial finding is at the heart of the lead essay in a unique issue of Cites & Insights, available in two different versions:


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