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Got an extra job!

I had not planned on applying for the job of chair for the Fine Arts, Language Art and Second Language (FALASL) department, but after heavy lobbying I threw my hat into the ring. And, after what I thought was a disastrous interview, the highly prestigious, fabulously well-paying position was mine!

Crawling Out from Underneath

We're almost to the end of the first semester here at the high school, and only now do I finally feel able to use some prep time to keep up with LISN.

Don't think I'm lucky with the time: 30 minutes before and after the school day is it.

Hurly-Burly of the Marketplace

Because I had no pressing home-owner projects this summer, I spent many a happy hour in my studio listening to Air America and practicing my new- found skill of bead embroidery. Here are some pictures.
(Hastily photographed and uploaded).

Anyway, a girl really can have too much jewelry, so I gathered my courage and approached a local shop-keeper about vending my wares. She suggested that I bring the stuff by for our local civic event, "First (insert day of week)."

Horrible Confession and Cautionary Tale

OMG. The outgoing, long-time math dept. chair just bulldozed his way to my desk. He had just notified the entire staff that his computer lab was verboten due to recent "vandilisum." I asked him about it, he mentioned mouse balls, I gave him some mouse balls.

He then asked why my spouse might have sent him an email. I choked, turned red, pitted out and basically tattooed "guilty" on my forehead. I asked him what the email said. "That's why he's a math teacher," he replied, understandably testy.

A Sad Day for Tweety

I barely got a chance to enthuse over the little sparrows building a nest in my library's courtyard, when one of the poor things runs into a window.

I loved watching them and listening to them this spring, but an evil scrub jay scared the living daylights out of the mommy bird (I think) and she forgot she was in an enclosed area.

I never get sentimental like this. I'm so upset I've nearly lost my will to go on.

Me Meme

1. Owns a cat? Yes. My 18-year-old grandma kitty.

2. Drives small sensible, economical car? Sorry. Infiniti Q45, 1988 Mercedes SL500. I did have a lovely little Miata there for a while.

3. Wears comfortable, sensible shoes? Yup, stereotypically Birkenstocks.

4.Reads constantly? Constantly is too hyperbolic. However, as a leisure activity, it is probably number one on my list.

5. Never goes out? Probably too much for a woman in my position.

6. Sexually inexperienced? Do I get bonus points for saying I'm a virgin? Even if I'm not?


* 1. Grab the nearest book.

* 2. Open the book to page 23.

* 3. Find the fifth sentence.

* 4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

"Indian philosophy is full of Berkeleyen attempts to deomonstrate that matter is unreal"

I got this from Karl.

$1.15 Redux

I found out today, that an anonymous staff member has elected to forgo a salary increase next year and has dedicated the resulting savings to my library! Ack!
How do I respond to this? I feel like such a whiner now.

A Dollar and Fifteen Cents

This is the number I have been given to spend on my students next year. For books. Earlier this year I was empowered (or so I gathered) to shift my own budget numbers around to a point where the least harm would be done to my program. So I put most everything into books. Turns out this was a really convenient way for the superintendent to cut my budget: all from one object area!

Too depressed to work.

Sexual Harassment

You can well imagine that when I sent a message with that subject heading to my principal, I got a swift response.

Name Calling

OK, so its the lunch period. I'm walking down the hall with my newly short hairdo. Some wonderful redneck teenager with severe homophobia shouts "Who's the dyke?" at me.

How do I know its me, you may well ask. Well, I am on a 10 year hair cycle: hack it all off and then let it grow until I need another change. Therefore, the last time I had short hair was about 10 years ago. And at that time, a couple of high school boys drove by in a pickup truck and shout nearly the same thing. BTW, I was wearing a leather skirt with leopard print stockings at the time.

Promoting from Within

Some kids from our broadcasting class came to me this morning with a request to run a 30-second spot to promote library use on their next program. Of course, I was thrilled with the opportunity, and suggested that we incorporate TV Turn-Off week into the voice-over.

Anyway, the whole project is the kids' baby, even down to selecting which books they'll spotlight.

Am I Being Paranoid?

Two things have happened recently that have me looking over my shoulder.

#1 Yesterday morning I received a phone call from a parent who asked "what are the library's rules for using computers." This gets my antennae going so I two-step around it -- there are several pages regarding computer use in the district policy handbook, AUP, etc. -- while narrowing her question down.

Life-long Mathematical Learning

The following remark came to me via a third party (of course) -- I quote: "Nobody goes into a library after they graduate." Now, this comes from a man who teaches mathematics at my high school. I don't know about anyone else, i.e. non-librarians, but I have had zero reason to step into a math classroom after graduation, and libraries are my second and third homes.

Unfathomably Horrid Day, with Budget Implications

I snapped. Went of the deep end. Had a cow. Flipped out. Suffice to say, that tears that have not graced my cheeks in nearly eight years (love those SSRIs) fell in abundance yesterday morning.

Due to an uncanny confluence of boring personal events, I arrived 30 minutes late to work. I phoned the school secretary, and arranged the details with her, and went about getting a ride to school.

School Librarians

Mock Turtle mentioned that school librarians are not well represented here at LISNews. That will surely change quickly, as Blake has infiltrated our listserve -- LM_Net -- and has hipped us to the need for us to become involved in this forum.

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