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Children and E-Books

A couple of months ago I offered to give a talk on Children and e-books. Who is reading them, what they are reading them on, where the books come from, etc.
A lot has been written on adults and ebooks, a bit less on teens and ebooks and next to nothing on kids and ebooks except for the pieces on pre-schoolers and iPads.
Clearly, the organizers of the conference thought that there wasn't enough discussion on this topic and agreed to have me speak. But it turns out to be a Catch-22. What do I speak on, if there isn't enough information out there?

Children's websites

I put out the call last week on PubYac for children's staff who work on content for library websites for children. I wanted to talk with other people who face the same challenges I do, perhaps exchanging ideas, tips, and tricks.
I got 3 responses. The listserv is for Youth and Children's librarians and I find it hard to believe that there are only 4 of us. I've decided I'll have to expand my call. So I've started blogging here. Probably I'll post something on Web4Lib. We are probably a fairly small group. But that is all the more reason to talk.

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