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3 of 10 Harry Potter

3 Harry potter came in this morning from B&T, oddly 5 more came US Mail this afternoon so we have 8 of the 10 I ordered. (I think the Kids librarian ordered some too.)

I have locked them in my office because staff members want to take them. If I were a H.P (I wonder if she named him after the brown sauce?) even I wouldn't read it until the 16th.

Saturday ref grunt

Wow clamdigger man is wearing long pants.

Can you put a book on hold for me,

Do you have Kenny G music CD's - yes our cataloger loves him. We have


Do you have Oprah's list?

Can I buy a diskette.

Patron: "Computer", Librarian "Cell phone use is prohibited in the

library." Patron goes away.

I can't find the call number. It is fiction so it is by the author's

name. In this case it is Allende, Isabel.

Daily computer user comes in and can't find the computer I assign her

to. She has been here every day since I started but can't find the

computer. I take her to it.

Some patron invites me to a


rally. I take a flyer and leave it at the reference desk.

Kid with flip-flops asks nicely to borrow a pencil. I give him a good

one with a Sponge Bob eraser he can keep.

Check out some more computers. This is why I have a graduate degree.

Fix a computer by rebooting it, then fix another the same way.

A tale of two cities.

Macrame books

Can't open a pdf. Gave patron a different computer that didn't suck as


Reserve Motorcycle Diaries DVD

Computer blue screens every time the screensaver kicks in. Nothing I

can do about it.

Are you open? Yep, a little hurricane won't stop us.
Same question different person. Probably a good time to save this

before the power goes out.

Can I play runescape? Sure go ahead kid live it up.

Info on eczemoid variant progressive pigmentosa purpura and ertyhema

annulare. Our dermatology collection sucks so I used medlineplus and

then ordered


/sr%3D11-1/ref%3Dsr%5F11%5F1/102-1749504-8097731"> Fitzpatrick's Color

Atlas & Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology

Someone wants me to add legal paper to the printer.

A volunteer came to chat, told me she thinks Hillary Clinton is a son

of a bitch, and brought me a danish. If she weren't 84 I'd marry her,

well 84 and married.

Wind gusts up to 56kts according to our fine county



with drenching rain and the roof is not leaking this

week. Will miracles ever cease?!

A patron wants 4 specific titles about the culture of Vietnam. He has

the titles, authors and ISBNs of all of the books. I happily request

the ILLs for him and they are all coming from libraries in our area! No

postage charges as we have a courier.

The assistant director wants to know if I want coffee. Nope.

Help a guy print a pdf that the computer wants to open with word. Right

click open with Acrobat Reader 7 works dandy.

2 reserves, 1776 and John Adams.

Done printing to legal size.

Helped someone sign up for

Signed out some more computers

Help find a book in the stacks

A patron told me "This weather is terrible, but it beats a poke in the

eye." You can't argue with that.

A caller wants to know if we have oceanography videos. Yes lots of


Is labor day September 5th? Yes according to Chase's.

Do you have the computer system where I can look up jobs? You can

certainly use the interent.

Reserve David McCullough's book about Truman. All of McCullough's

books are out- popular guy.

Help finding a local jobs site.

Bobby McFerrin music CDs. Nope

More computer check outs.

Mark Twain on cassette? all checked out, on the local HS summer reading


Place a reserve on In the Company of Liars.

Tightly wound woman from circ gives me an evil glare as she goes by.

"Books on tattoos and stuff" Well we have books on body art, but you're

on your own for the stuff.

Redheaded woman wants Greek Mythology and Greek Literature.

Different patron, Mythology by Edith Hamilton.

Patron requests Vile France, fear, duplicity, cowardice and cheese by Denis Boyles. We don't own it and worldcat has only 2 copies in the state. Ordered and placed a reserve for patron so she will be first when it comes it.

Game pieces for Simpson's trivia game....found!

Well 15 minutes until closing. Time to start shutting off the computers not in use. Eight hours at the library and I am off into the hurricane's rains.

Americans too stupid to build cars, Canadians much brighter

A Toyota plant is being built in Woodstock, Ontario rather than a southern US State because southerns are too stupid and costly to train.

I have witnessed first hand the dumbing down of America. Our schools are more concerned with diversity and activism that education. Our automobile workers through their unions have priced themselves right out of the market. These are not the doings of conservatives, but the liberal, pro-union, pro-diversity, lawyer friendly Democrats.

Happy Canada Day

In apparent recognition of Dominion Day (I'm old school) the clerk at 7-11 gave me two canadian dimes this morning.

Happy Canada Day !

What the heck is a "Patron Advisor"?

This advert is seeking someone with a BS who likes to read. It pays almost $18 bucks an hour.

I can do that.

I wonder what they pay a librarian to do those tasks, as it really is a librarian position and they are just insulting all MLS degree holders by calling it a patron advisor. The Des Plaines library director should be ashamed to denigrate the profession like that. Does she go to a sickness advisor rather than a doctor?

Downing street memos ....just silly

The 'journalist' that 'broke' the Downing Street memo story admits he retyped the memos on a typewriter on plain paper to protect the identity of the leaker. Oh come on just have Mike Wallace type them for you.

If you don't believe me look at Yahoo

He says he retyped them and then destroyed the originals to protect his source. Hee hee, ho ho, ha ha thanks for the laugh.


Wow this month sets a record (I always do the month's bills in the middle of the month). I have 286.30 more in bills than I do in income, this is a record low deficit since I've been employed as a librarian.

I am experimenting with new frugality. I've been bringing a lunch to work (although I liked leaving the building it was a brief respite - now I eat at the library and get grouchy because people won't leave me alone in the break room) I've been reducing my driving (I missed 2 free concerts in St.Pete because I didn't want to spend the $10 on gas).

Freaks in the library

A parton asked for the ASVAB, Who's Who, and to use a computer.

Then she cursed me out when I asked her to move a little so someone could use the machine next to her.

Then she came to the desk and complained some more.

I have no patience for rude drunks so after asking her twice to leave I threw her bodily out.

People should not piss me off when I am already grouchy.

The ALA screws over the regular librarian again.

The ALA Council listserv notes, that Councilors get free wi-fi access at the annual meeting. Of course the regular members have to pay.

WTF as if the ALA does not screw us out of enough money as it is and do nothing for us.

Odd things at the library today...

A patron asked if they print does it come out on paper?


I can't read long books because I have pneumonia. Do you have it on cassette or CD?

Female patron told me she is looking for VDs. I assumed she was not interested in acquiring an STD so I began a reference interview. She just wanted to watch a movie.

Three hours and 2 minutes left.

How do you fix scratched DVDs

We have a disc-go-pod which is an overpriced doorstop.

Does anyone have a good solution for repairing scratched DVDs that have only been circulated a few times.

I was thinking of a repair service as opposed to doing it in house.

Any ideas?

Dr. John McRae wrote:

In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.


Some young adult patron told me she wants to be Wiccan (a Wiccan?) because she is close to nature and wants to get a tattoo.

As good a reason as any I guess.


The doors just opened, the computer people rushed in. Now there is a little kid standing with his mother at the circulation desk. The kid is singing Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.... not so loud as to annoy anyone but loud enough to be heard.

I guess that is a good way to start the day... Alleluia!

Whacky kids

I just kicked out two teen girls for printing, not just looking at, dirty pictures.

I knew there was too much giggling going on in the teen room for them not to be up to something. I told them that looking at that kind of content was unacceptable and told them to log out and leave. They giggled.

Five minutes later after they had not left I told them they could leave now or wait for the sheriff to give them a trespass warning for violating our code of conduct. They giggled some more and left giggling. I guess they didn't think I was serious.

Certification in the 50 states

I have had a list of certifications available and/or required in the various states. I threw it together with some HTML tags and put it on a website.

I welcome corrections, or amplifications.

Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh the radiation

A patron just asked if he could switch from one of the older computers (which actually is better because it has more RAM) to one of the computers with the flat panel monitors because he is concerned about the radiation.

OK sure, but they are all a foot and a half from one another .... oh well.

Off to make tin foil hats I am.

Read me a story....

A patron asked me to read a newspaper article to her as she forgot her glasses.

It was Bono Boos PM. So I read it.

How big is too big?

Or better said how long is too long?

There is a position I want at a regionally accredited school nearby (a for profit school but regionally accredited.) In fact the position screams my name - and other librarians have told me that. Night librarian, what a better job could there be for someone who prefers to get up at the crack of noon.

However I feel my cover letter may be a bit too long. Even after edititng it it is 1.5 pages.

It does not restate my résumé, but expands upon it. I have an unusual position at my current library as that I just months out of school was made department head supervising a few staff and at times another (albiet not remarkably useful) librarian. I learned a great deal in this out of the frying pan into the fire experience. (even though I bitched about every minute of it). So I feel that I meed to mention the duties I covered in that post.

Collection development: acquisitions including revising standing orders, ordering all books from my department, re-negotiating lease agreement with McNaughton, reviewing and choosing vendors for online db's (AllData car repair db)as well as weeding the fiction, non-fiction and reference collections.

In addition to this I retained all of my reference librarian duties, readers' advisory, teaching computer classes. Oh, and lets not forget reconciling the departmental budget.

Had this been a normal library it would have taken me a few uears to learn those things, but it actually worked out quite well in that I had experience in all areas. (kind of like giving a new critical care RN a train wreck, you learn by doing and rely on your peers for advice).

Two accomplishments of which I am quite pleased are also included: process re-engineering (sorry but I can't really think of a non MBA word for it) of the periodicals cutting the time from receipt to shelf by a week. (especially helpful with weeklies). Also the establishment of the Spanish Language collection was my baby (and it is quite popular-we get comments on our small but diverse collection: Stephen King, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Dan Brown, Clive Cussler and Castro.

So while I want to toot my own horn, I don't want to put the guy to sleep. I don't really recall my cover letter for the job I have now, but obviously it contained zip as far as experience as a librarian.

Any thoughts, too long, too short, or just right. What should I omit, or add for that matter.



(Holy geez my computer just started playing the theme from Emergency -the old TV show- when I was listening to Enya. What a fecking shock that was.)

Seventy-five bucks!

I broke down and rejoined the ALA. I am tight with a buck, but I managed to pry 75 of them out of my wallet and send a check (cheque for my friends north of the border) off to them with my application form.

Rochelle and Walt's comments got me to thinking that perhaps I should work internally for change rather than criticize an organization to which I do not belong. While I didn't join the SRRT like Greg did, at least my criticism (which I shall endevour to make constructive) will be from within.


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