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Monday is Yom Kippur, to all my relatives and friends who have any idea what that is I pray that you have an easy fast. I also pray that my friends observing Ramadan continue their fasts with ease. These penetential reflections focus us on the true meaning of our faiths; may they bring us to a deeper understanding of one another and our need to co-exist as different faiths, but similar believers in the omnipotence, omnipresence, and peacefulness of G-d.

Idiots & goats.

Well the election is over. I'm not real happy with the people we have elected, and I voted for most of them. The annoying chiropractor didn't win for State House and that makes me happy. He was a jerk as far as I am concerned.

Bart for School Board

One of LISNews members (or at least a friend of several memebers) is running for School Board in Hillsborough County, Florida.

The Tampa Tribune has an interesting article about Bart Birdsall, a candidate for School Board. Unfortunately I don't live Hillsborough County so I can't vote in that election.

August 15 1945

Today is the 61st anniversary of VJ day, the day Japan surrendered. You recall Japan, the country that attacked the United States and forced us into WWII.

I wonder what would happen if some rogue group were to perpetrate an act of war against a sovereign nation these days. I wonder if people would cry that the people that started the war were being attacked too forcefully? Would there be a cry of oh no they are bombing neighbourhoods - where combatants are hiding in homes and storing weapons in homes and firing rockets into non-combat areas.

Rules to live by

So today She of the Ultimate Patience and I went to dinner. She was working the late shift at the library and I was up that way after a doctor's visit.

On the way back to the library so SOTUP could go back to work there was an automobile accident on US 19 an 8 lane highway that claims a life or two a month in that area.

Peace, Justice and equality, except for librarians.

The loons over at the Communist Party USA (Hi Rosy) send their best wishes to Fidel.

Free books (just 2)

I have new copies of 2 books I'd be happy to give anyone that would like to read them. I was given them at some rah-rah team building timewaster.

The first is The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork Workbook and the second is The Complete Idiot's Guide to Knowledge Management.

I never thought I could have too many books, but I am in danger of having my shelves collapse and trap me like an octogenarian newspaper hoarder.

I like Dick !

I had fun at lunch today. I shook hands with the Vice President. He was in town for a fundraiser for someone running for something (Gus Bilirakis). It was at a Marriott near my office. I drove over a little before noon after throwing on a tie (there are always a few in the car.) I went into the hotel and asked someone in a suit who looked official if I could meet the Vice President. He told me to hang on, then sent me down a little security line and then into a meeting room with about 30 other people to meet the V.P.

And you though RFID was bad. Hillary sees chips in brains!

I really don't have any idea what to make of this.

Senator Clinton said "At the rate that technology is advancing, people will be implanting chips in our children to advertise directly into their brains and tell them what kind of products to buy."

Was that just a really odd choice of words, it is some poorly chosen hyperbole? Or is she completely nuts?

I really have to go for completely nuts.

The funniest thing...

This is the funniest thing I have read in some time.

A list of domain names that just shouldn't have ever been.


I saw a man pulling a screaming child across a parking lot this evening. I drove around and saw the child really did not want to go with the man and was trying with all her might to get away. I came within one second of shooting him but to his credit he believed it was in his best intrest to let the child go. It turned out the man was the estranged father who was not happy with his custodial arrangements. I called the cops on myself (well you can't go around pointing guns at people) and they sorted the whole thing out.

Happy Independence Day ya liberal whackjobs...

...from this Conservative whackjob to all of my friends and not-so-much-friends on LISNews. May the freedoms we enjoy in the United States of America permeate the rest of the world. Its not perfect but it beats all the others hands down.

Mexicans didn't elect a communist.

Felipe Calderon (PAN) has been elected Mexico's new president. The major opposition party, PRI, had held Mexico's presidency for over seven decades until Vincente Fox took office. Calderon will give Mexico six more years of PAN and six more years of free market improvements.

Another high note is that PAN has won a plurality of representatives making it the largest group of lawmakers.

A reality check

Today I recieved a letter from a Venezuelan mother. She presents a realistic view of life in Venezuela under Chavez.

This is a reality check for the left wing whackos who think Venezuela (or Cuba, or China or North Korea or any oppressive government) is some sort of Socialist Utopia.

You may not want to read my comments but you should read the Venezuelan mother's letter. Visit the links she supplied as well. Truly moving.

Happy Idiot Day!

Lets discuss is Hillsborough County Commissioner Rhonda Storms. Commissioner Storms proposed a ban on spending county money on gay pride. I truthfully have no idea what that means, but it seems she was peeved because a library intern put up a book display for gay pride month (which is apparently June). She got her knickers in a knot because she felt it promoted gay people, or gay feelings, or being gay, or nosegays or something I'm not really sure. I can't understand people who don't have enough crap of their own to deal with worrying about how others are manipulating their privates.

So this law has been in effect for a year now and it is the anniversary of the display being taken down. Now I'm not pro-gay, or am I really anti-gay, frankly I'd prefer that most people simply not tell me. I really don't care. My religion say it is OK to be gay you just can't have sex with persons of the same gender (or for that matter, animals, someone to whom you are not married, by yourself, and probably other things I can't recall right now.) My religion and society also define marriage as between 2 (not 3 or 24 or some other number) of people one, from column A and one from column B. I'm ok with that. Some gay people aren't. I am OK with some sort of domestic partnership in which partners can make medical decisions, share property, inherit and do almost everything else married couples can. There are still divisions but I certain some sort of compromise that will please everyone but the most radical on both sides can be worked out.

Be that as it may Commissioner Storms and the other commissioners who supported this are idiots. How can one gauge how the county spends money on gay pride? OK the county will not buy any more billboards that say go gay. Well they never did that anyway so that's out. The county will not sponsor a float in the annual gay day parade, nope never did that either. The county will not go to schools and encourage grade schoolers to adopt an alternative lifestyle, sorry not there either.

Hey Ronda, the county never spent any money on gay pride before your stupid waste of time make the religious nuts happy law. You want the library staff to do nothing rather than put up a book display. You want them to put up a gardening display instead. The gay books are still in the library because people want to read them. I did collection development, I'm not gay and I still ordered them because patrons asked for them. I can tell you I ordered far fewer gay themed books than I did copies of the Da Vinci code and I think that book is crap. Let me also let you in on a little secret Madam Commissioner, if you read mysteries written by a woman who is still alive she is probably a lesbo. Quick burn those before they make you switch.

So Commissioner and your religious nut friends, get over it. Mind your own business. Didn't Jesus say something to the effect of let the person who is sin free cast the first stone? So put down your rocks, and your pen to sign time wasting laws. You can't outlaw gay. I'm no expert on gay, but I bet most people don't choose it, they just are it. Who the hell would choose to be a member of a group 1/2 the country hates. (Well some people choose to be idiot County Commissioners).

Try not to get murdered at ALA.

Just in time for ALA the governor of Louisiana has deployed armed National Guard troops to keep order in the troubled streets of New Orleans. It seems Ray 'Chocolate' Nagin can't convince his police to do their jobs. Perhaps they are all out at the Caddy dealers checking out the Escalades and waiting for the next hurricane.

New Orleans can expect 300 armed National Guard troops and an additional 60 state police officers to patrol the gunfire plagued streets that have seen scores of shooting and at least a half dozen murders in the last 3 days. On the bright side there have only been 54 murders in New Orleans so far this year, compared to 81 in the same period last year. The fact that hundreds of thousands of people have moved away after Katrina seems to have cut down on crime.

The National Guard troops feel that they are still in the disaster phase, and I am sorry to tell them that anytime they must march into New Orleans it will be a disaster.

Amazingly people set to attend the ALA convention called the hotel but did not cancel. I wonder who will end up dead?

I've made my decision and it cost me $75 dollars in cancellation penalties. I will not be going to see Mrs. Bush in New Orleans; I don't have my own security detail. Enjoy the ABC News story here. Me, I'll be in Manhattan that week.

Of course the ALA is right on top of things (actually I'm impressed but then again that is how they make the big bucks through the BS feel good meetings). They have a statement from the N.O. Convention and Visitors' Bureau on the front page. Unfortunately they omitted the part about "Run like hell for cover when the shooting starts."

I'm armed, I was a cop and I'm not going there. There is no emergency like Katrina where people need help it is just the usual lawlessness that has been created by decades of Democratic administration of New Orleans.

Take my advice, stay out of New Orleans, someone associated with ALA will be attacked. I don't hope this happens, but I am a pragmatist.

Stay home and phone this one in.

Going to ALA, bring a gun and shoot back.

It is nice to know that Louisiana's famous Chocolate City (I thougut it was Hershey, PA- what do I know) is returning to normal. The gang shootings are again claiming more victims than natural disasters. There were only 5 people killed in the latest shooting rampage near the central business district.

Load of crap

Since I can't comment on this journal entry I'll post my comment here.

If someone invites you over for coffee, you don't reply that you'll come if they serve cocktails at 7AM.

Similarly if someone invutes you to the White House for a celebration of American Poetry you don't respond that you'll go but only if you can read the ramblings from 50 of your friends.

If it is not your party you don't get to choose the wine, the guest list or the attire. You either accept or decline.

Private sector rocks

So I had to go to a dinner& drinks thing tonight after I spent all day in meetings at work. We are having a 'summit' tomorrow and my team has worked hard to put it together.
Another meal that I did not have to pay for, the filet was just delightful thank you.

After a few glasses of wine I asked my bosses boss if I could go to ALA (as my boss is going to SLA next week) assuming I could find something relevant to go to. She said sure.


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