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Circadian Dysrhythmia

I have a circadian dysrhythmia [link is a nifty PPT]. It began at the ALA thingy in Orlando and has become exacerbated by working the overnight shift earlier in the week.

Kerry -Gephardt

A friend who went to William & Mary (with whom I went to lower grades) has a wife who is on the 'in' or so I am told. She noted (after a wee bit of Chard) that it will be announced Dick Gephardt, and announced Tuesday.

Now I have complete confidence in these people, and she is a Democrat (albeit we are trying to convert her), and would be the person in the know of all the people I know so I believe her.

Heck JDC III woke me at 4AM to tell me the news. I guess the dems are running about preparing releases and such.

Ugh, work

One of the hospitals at which I work just called at 17 minutes until 11PM and asked that I come in to work because it is as they put it " a f--king zoo."

I told them I'd work 11ish-7AM but there better be giraffes and hippos there when I arrive or I am going to be PO'ed.

Actually I have historically found that July 4th has more jerks than new years eve. I think the beer brings out the Constitutional lawyer in them all.

Of course unless everybody wants and IV in their neck they better not give me a hard time. I am your nurse and I am in charge.

Happy Canada Day !

Happy Canada Day, which my family has always called Dominion Day. (I think it changed about 20 years ago I don't really know why.) When I was in Buffalo we celebrated it.

In honor of our nothern friends I include below the lyrics (in English) to the National Anthem of Canada: [please stand]

I don't speak French & Information whores

Today as ALA was closing a perplexed woman asked me for directions in French. I can't fathom that I look like I speak French. Well about eleven words, five of which are not to be used in polite company. I did my best. wonder if they will ever find Montreal?

The last day of ALA was lucrative. I got all sorts of free books. Lots of children’s' books. I guess it is easier to give them away than to haul them away. The exhibits ended at 3PM so we had to pack up the FSU booth. They started taking the carpets up at 3:01.

I did enjoy meeting other alumni from my school, as well as professors that I never met before. A few people did offer job leads and the Golf Channel in Orlando is hiring a librarian. That would be someone's perfect job but I golf like crap so I would not be happy there. I also met a lot of faculty from Florida's other library school, USF.

One of the alumni was from the ALA/GBLT or whatever it is. I tried to start (trouble) a discussion about why there should be a group of ALA based on sexual practices, but he said "Why not ALA has a group for everything else." You can't argue with logic like that. I may go start a Republican heterosexual male group for ALA perhaps ALA/SOC (stuffy old codgers)

The SRRT promulgated a conference decision (link would be here if ALA website weren't wonky again) that opposes the use of racist materials to train the military. I have to agree with that; I really oppose using racist training materials anywhere. Of course it is pointless for the SRRT to come out with nonsense like that -albeit peripherally related to libraries in that they will be held in some government library somewhere. I wonder if they serve a lunch on those committees?

It amazes me how librarians whore their personal information out for useless tchotchkes. Swipe card readers abounded, and I counted 106 booths that had other's personal information available for the taking. Even FSU had a sign up sheet for those who wished more information about our Masters, Specialist or Doctoral programs. I however covered up the completed blanks on the form as people filled them in.

I did fill out an online form at Brodart because their stuff was interesting and they will send 3 Spanish language books for my local library whose Spanish collection needs all the help it can get. No one could pick up my info and the Brodart had a privacy policy on the form that was not disagreeable.

I didn't drop my business card in anywhere because it seemed disingenuous to register for a drawing from a company I know I'll never buy anything from: Architects, furniture, Corporate LexisNexis subscriptions and the like. It makes no sense for them to add me to their mailing list when they are not going to see 2 cents from me. Perhaps when they make me a library director somewhere I'll think differently.

I really did see some things I liked. NewspaperDirect was great. I want it for my house. Actually it is fairly inexpensive ~350/month for 300 newspapers. It prints today’s paper on 11x17 inch paper in the same format as the print copy in whatever city. I am a big fan of print. Reading stuff on the screen drives me nuts after half an hour. I actually want info from them. Heck I want to work for them.

The fellow from the National Academies Press Guadalaraja?

ALA in mouseland

Ten bucks to park seems excessive to me. If you are a Florida resident, and show your driver's license (or is it drivers' license?) you get $5 off. If anyone wants to borrow my DL let me know.

I have wandered around all the exhibits; I especially enjoy the Spanish language publishing houses that are represented. I could do collection development and really enjoy it for the pittance they pay librarians.

I stopped up at the Cognotes office to see Rochelle after the fire alarm went off at the convention center. [beeeeeeep] This is a test... If this had been an actual emergency news or official instructions would not have been forthcoming. I was walking from the FSU booth to the $2.50 Pepsi machine when the alarm went off, few if any people left the building. Most people looked at the alarm lights and then just kept on chatting. Oh, well I figured it was either on fire or Osama was coughing SARS on all the librarians. It was too damn hot to stand around outside for long, but luckily the alarm stopped. 20 minutes later an announcement was made that is was a false alarm. I heard from one of the guards that it was a vendor making popcorn.

Traffic was better Sunday than Saturday. Saturday I missed the meeting I wanted to see because I was stuck in the rental car on I-4. It does have cool seat adjusty things though.

The Dean of the FSU School of Info Studies is retiring in December so we had a bit of a celebration for her Sunday night at Don Pablo’s. It was nice to put names and faces together with people I have read about or read their work but never met. Dr. Sebastian stopped by from USF and we discussed the development of USF's doctoral program that should be up and running in a few years. Mel Pace stopped by the FSU booth this morning. USF has a booth too. It is nice to see that both Florida library schools are represented. I was hoping to see Dr. Kathleen de la Peña McCook but I missed her when I went by the USF booth.

A lot of people want to know if FSU has a distance learning Ph.D. Unfortunately no, but the Masters and Specialist can be completed entirely at a distance.

Well, I am exhausted from hanging out with the dancing librarian so I am off for a nap and then the fun continues Tuesday at ALA Orlando. I think I caught Rochelle’s headache.


In case anyone cares I am a papist.


Interview mania: I have no idea why but four different libraries want to interview me this week. Two local community colleges, one local PL and one PL 150 miles away.

The first community college interview was really odd. A panel of eight people, one of whom was a librarian and the rest faculty and administrative personnel. Few questions were library related, and most sounded like they came from the How to interview generic community college employees for dummies book. I was not particularly encouraged by that interview, but it was good practice for interviewing at other places.

The second at a large branch county library south of me that I had today went quite well. It was a very nice library and the 3 librarians that interviewed me asked library related questions. I was quite pleased with how that interview went.

On the way back, two counties north, a car flipped on the interstate and a state trooper and I arrived at the same time. There were 6 patients to treat out of 8 that were in the van. 1 person was trapped inside, but uninjured. I triaged and treated the patients until the 4 ambulances and 2 helicopters arrived. All the EMS people were very nice and helpful. I was wearing a suit and tie, and I keep some emergency supplies in my car so I had my stethoscope with me too. After the patients were loaded, the EMS Captain asked where I was a doctor, I hated to disappoint him and tell him I was a nurse. I guess it was the little sea shell tie ( to be worn at ALA). I learned an important lesson. Latex gloves do not protect against windshield glass. All the patients will be fine. I gave the mother who was driving and uninjured a lift to the hospital 65 miles away to be with her daughter who was flown there. It was on my way home anyway and her car was totaled. The fire department and sheriff in that county love me, too bad it was not the county in which I interviewed.

When I got home UPS had delivered a package. United Package Smashers strikes again. On the order I selected the US Postal Service and typed "NO UPS. UPS WILL BE REFUSED." in the shipping instructions box. Guess what carrier Lands' End used? You got it UPS. I should know better than to shop from a company that can't get its apostrophe correct.

I have 2 more interviews this week. My dry cleaner loves me. 1 PL nearby that I would really like, and 1 community college that I would not mind either.

I am a little perplexed why the interviews are coming in so soon after I send in résumés, two or three days after I send them in I get calls. I usually got a 'thanks but no thanks' letter weeks later. Oh, well I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

I better go soak my hand in some alcohol. Or my liver.

I will be at the FSU booth at ALA this weekend stop by and say hi, or throw things which ever you prefer.


Why is there less civility on here of late? Or in the broader question why does electronic communication allow us to be less civil than we would be in person.

Suggesting people take their medications is not particularly funny, suggesting they take a nap is not unacceptable. However with the number of people on pills to keep an even keel, a certain number of them will be offended. I'm certainly not the most politically correct, but I've learned through life experience and being an RN that one should not make fun of others medical problems lest you develop worse problems.

Calling someone an asshole really is unacceptable. I realize that taking these comments seriously at all times can make someone angry, but we should all be adult enough to rise above it. Remember the sticks and stones axiom, well it applies to adults as well as school children, probably more so.

I know some people want a line item moderation, and I think that would be a great tool (not that anyone has time enough to code it). I know that some of my posts have great points but upon occasion I may degrade into being a jerk. I hope I do less of that in person than I do electronically.

This lack of civility does not limit itself to the cyberworld. Look at how it permeates society. Beheading civilians, gang shootings, baby murders, torture, child abductions... what has this world become to. When we would have attacked one another with harsh worlds twenty years ago, we are now attacking each other with weapons. It is not just in Iraq or Saudi Arabia, but in our cities and towns. I often work overnight and in bad neighborhoods and I don't go without a gun anymore. This is another of the reasons I am considering moving back to Ireland, I feel much safer there. In Ireland if someone kills you or beats you up at least it was for a reason, not on a whim during a robbery. Certainly I can and will defend myself, but why put myself in harms way if I don't have to. Another reason is that hundreds of millions around the world don't hate me simply because I am Irish. I am American too, and simply being American makes millions of people I have never met, and will never meet, hate me and want to kill me.

Well, if you want to kill me come and try it. I'll kill you where you stand if you try to harm me or my family. I guess civility is really dead after all.

From the movies I'd gouge my eyes out not to see department

Hezbollah is offering to support Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11 film in the UAE.

We all know how Michael Moore is loved by some librarians and how quickly he came up with the 25K promised to ALA for scholarships.

I have no intention to see his latest work, in fact I have seen none of his works, as I would be more offended by him than I already am. Yet another attention whore.

I'd really go see his film, but I am going to Barnes & Ignoble to get Clinton's book. :)

Good work. We will take it from here.

As I watched President Reagan's funeral on C-SPAN this evening I recalled that he was the first president that I could, and did, vote for.

The newspapers and the pundits have been saying "all politics aside" Reagan was this, and "all politics aside" Reagan was that.
It is impossible to put all politics aside. That is how our nation, and the world are run. Everything is political. Reagan gave the United States back its self-respect lost during the previous administrations. Vietnam, Watergate, the Iranian hostages, all caused our nation great suffering, and Reagan made us understand that we could rebuild what was torn down.

Reagan was not without his detractors who disagreed with one policy or another. Most of them simply blame him for failings of others. However for each detractor there are hundreds of fans of President Reagan. Go ask someone from the former East Berlin, go ask someone from Russia, go ask any of the released hostages. Reagan gave us our country back from the naysayers.

Our military regained its strength and its pride. A career in the military defending the freedoms we hold so dear was again a noble calling. We were proud to be called Americans again; we stood tall and spoke plainly. When Reagan implored Gorbachev to "Tear down this wall." It was not simply Reagan saying that, it was all of us who cherish freedom, the freedom to think, the freedom to speak, freedom in our thoughts, freedom in our movements, it was all of us who wanted the wall down so that others could know the freedoms we cherish, yet often take for granted.

Our nation is again in danger of being dragged down by those who think they know what is best for our country and the world. Previous administrations and their talk of healthcare for all, employment for all, and a chicken in every pot spent more time on rhetoric and explaining why oral sex wasn't sex than on protecting freedom. Perhaps a few less lawyers in government would go a long way. Less rhetoric and more work would surely be forthcoming.

Freedom is a Human Right. We all, everyone in the world, have a right to freedom. As the richest, most powerful nation on Earth we have a great burden placed upon us. We don't necessarily want to be the big brother, or the world's policeman, but since we had the job foist upon us we had better do it well.

While who is president is certainly important, much more important to our nation are the holders of the office of citizen. To be President you must first be a citizen, to be in Congress you must first be a citizen, and citizen is the most powerful office we have. While those who were born here may take this for granted, think of the thousands, and hundreds of thousands of people who come here every year seeking to become citizens. It comes without pay, without recognition, without fame or fortune, yet what an important position it must be to draw people from all around the world to apply. As citizens we are instilled with the power delegated to no other. We are able to effect change in our government without war, without battles, without gunfire, or bloodshed. We have the power to vote; yet this most powerful weapon against tyranny often goes unused by those to whom it has been entrusted.

As citizens we must ask ourselves what we can do to spread the freedoms we hold so dear to the rest of the world. Our freedom should not be taken for granted; on the contrary it is a heavy burden. We must ensure the freedoms we enjoy are enjoyed by our future generations, and we must bring freedom to those enslaved, persecuted for wanting freedom, and denied freedom by oppressive governments. To bask in freedom while others suffer in oppression is morally reprehensible.

So task yourself with maintaining and promoting freedom in whatever way you can. Volunteer for a charity, give to food banks, give to Goodwill, join the military, work diligently to keep our economy strong, each thing you do for another makes you stronger and our nation stronger.

A little less talk and a little more action is what is needed. If you don't like something do something, write your elected officials, run for office, and most importantly vote. You have the power to change what your feel is wrong. It is the doer's and not the talkers that this nation needs. Ronald Reagan, while he was the great communicator, was a doer not a talker. Look at what he accomplished. What would have happened if we only had 8 years of talkers, I shudder to think.

So Ronald Reagan, you did your job, now let us, the doer's of tomorrow take it from here. Thanks for all the help, its time for you to rest.

Godspeed my President, and God Bless.


Etymology: Danish & German; Danish, from German

: a feeling of anxiety, apprehension, or insecurity

Not particularly library related although I did use a dictionary to look up the word.


Someone made me their foe. This amuses me.

There are a great number of people with whom I don't agree with on everything. Some of them are even my relatives, my brother is a card carrying Democrat; the shame on the family name seems lost on him.

However I enjoy reading commentary that differs from mine as well as that that agrees with me. Of course I love to see that others have the same thoughts and ideas I have, but it is healthy to see that people have differing ideas as well. This is the beauty of our system; we are all able to express ourselves without fear of retribution. We can be free in our ideas; we can be free to express these ideas no matter how unpopular they may be.

Our society waxes and wanes between phases of government. This informal balance of powers, is an asset to our government, never allowing one group or the other seize total power. We don't have to have a civil war (the oxymoron that it is) or gun battles to effect change in our nation, we simply need to vote.

Our system may be imperfect, but representative democracy still trumps all other social systems heretofore known. A key concept of this system is the free exchange of ideas and open debate. To shut one's self off from a portion of this debate seems just sad to me. I can't really understand why one would want to be insulated from differing opinions.

On the other hand, what makes our system fantastic is that no one can be forced to listen or read to anything they don't wish to see. I'm certain many people purposefully isolate themselves to avoid the unpleasantness that sometimes comes with having one's ideas challenged.

I personally would find such isolation unbearable. I want to be able to exercise my mind by being forced to confront different opinions. All of the outcomes of evaluating a different opinion are positive. I can either find the fault in the differing opinion thus strengthening the argument for mine, or I can find the fault in mine and change to the more well reasoned opinion.

That is why I am amused and perhaps a bit saddened by someone making me a foe. I am not sad that they don't 'like' me; there are plenty of people that don't like me. I am saddened that one of my learned colleagues wants to isolate themselves from divergent opinion. My hope is that it is just me that they chose to ignore and not everyone who is not in lockstep with them.


Today I stopped at a car accident (not one that I was in) where some guy hit a guy on a bike. Being an RN with 10+ years of ER experience and formerly a paramedic I stop at an accident or two a year.

I quickly evaluated the patient who was in no danger of immediate death and used my mobile phone to call for an ambulance. In my county we have a central public safety answering point who sends the ambulance and police, and then they transfer callers with medical emergencies to a paramedic for pre-arrival instructions.

Are you offended?

I am told I offended someone. For that I sincerely apologize.

It is not my attempt to personally attack anyone on here, nor to attack anyone not on here. In a recent posting I noted that my moral compass would prohibit me from being a terrorist fundraiser, a pervert, or a tenured academic. I am not referring to any specific tenured academic (other than myself if I were to become one).

Memorial Day

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

-John McCrae (1919)


Memorial day I reflect upon the sacrifices made by those who fought and died in the name of freedom.

So that we might be free from hate, free from discrimination, free to think and say what we wished, the soldiers guided by their conscience risked life and limb so that we may live in a more perfect world.

Today we are far from free; we retain discrimination and censorship. Yet we are have more freedoms that we have ever held before, and we have the means available to continue this liberation.

However many are still not free, they are enslaved, unjustly imprisoned and oppressed. As we pause this Memorial Day to remember those who have fought for our freedoms we must continue the fight.

We may join the military to fight for our country, we may sign up as foreign missionaries, and we may fight poverty and illiteracy locally. Whatever we do we must honor those that fought before us by continuing the fight.

Remember, reflect, and act. This is the only way to achieve a lasting peace.

May this be the last Memorial Day during war. Peace and Freedom are not mutually exclusive; the just require a determination among peoples.

My thoughts and prayers are with our troops – those of yesterday and today, and their families. Your work is appreciated, your mission noble.


The freedoms we have today were not given to us but were the result of victories over those who wished to opress and silence us. We as librarians have an obligation to defend and protect freedom.

No matter if one takes up arms, books, or ideas; freedom is a noble goal. Only through freedom may we achieve a lasting peace.


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