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VT (no the other one) House rejects Bush Impeachment bill

The Vermont House rejected a resolution that the Vermont Senate passed last week calling for the impeachment of the President.

Since Vermont can't impeach a Federal officeholder this was completely absurd to begin with. Thank goodness someone in Vermont realized that there are more important things to do with the peoples' time and money.

The article is here


J'espere les victoires socialistes dans l'election en France. Je ne suis pas francais, mais je pense qu'elle amuserait tout a fait.

Le election est entre Royal et l'autre homme qui aime les Etats-Unis.

Ceci devrait etre un bon concours, il nous montrera vraiment comment fou les Francais sont.

Ou pas?

Accents suck in slashcode even if I use the alt-whatever. Is that an alternative to get them to look OK (other than posting in English, I learned them I'm using them and lording it over you monolinguists.)

A cat named RICO/ Publix brand cat food recalled

So, I've heard that there may be criminal charges against the pet food manufacturer that produced the tainted food.

You see the manufacturer allegedly tested the suspect food on its own lab animals and killed a number of them. Then there was some insider trading and a company insider dumped stock a few weeks before the recall, but after the testing.

So there is speculation, and one must assume an investigation on a delay of the announcement that they had killed ~20 % of their own test animals and of course a delay in the recall.

This insider trading on this information is of course dirty pool, but it was in Canada not the US.

Somebody said that there was a US criminal investigation involving the FDA (ORA) and the FBI. I know someone has been pushing for this and annoying the law enforcement arm of the FDA (betcha didn't even know there was one).

I've been told by a reliable source that RICO/Wire Fraud is being considered.

Today there was another recall and of course I have some of that food too (Publix brand Sliced Beef Entree code on can or the offending can with a photo of the cat the manufacturers killed.

Bitter, no why should I be, just because I still have cat food on the shelf at home that should have been recalled a long time ago when there was any suspicion of a problem. You know food that we were told was good by Publix apparently they don't find it important enough to update their webpage the day it is announced. I think they are royal scumbags.

Delaying the recall apparently for financial gain, failing to timely recall suspect products, retailers failing to timely notify consumers, retailers providing incorrect information about the safety of their store brand cat foods.

Even if they hadn't killed my cat I'd be angry.

N.B If the links give you a forbidden error highlight them in the browser address bar and hit enter. I have no idea why they do this and it is only from here. Any good ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Are you a bit unusual?

Are you a bit unusual? Different than others? Well you are just who they are looking for. Sign up to be a bone marrow donor.

The test to enter your tissue type into the database is a simple buccal swab (cheek skin cells). It takes only seconds and is completely painless.

While everyone who is eligible should sign up to be a donor, the is a great need for black, asian and mixed race donors. The more of a mutt you are the harder it is to find a match. So you mutts like me, sign up to see if you will be lucky enough to match a patient.

Strange world and my little slice of it.

Some women who lives nearby was found with 117 cats in her house. She was a kindhearted person who got in over her head. (She was hospitalized under Florida's involuntary mental health committment law, the Baker Act.) I'm all for helping stray animals, but I thought 2 cats was a lot to deal with, 117 really is nuts if you ask me.

Zelnorm off the market

Zelnorm used for IBS and chronic constipation apparently causes MIs & CVAs (well perhaps not causes but they don't help)

You might want to check with your doctor if you are taking it.

Regards, your friendly RN librarian person.

Oh, FDA thingy here.

Oh, #2 their commercials annoyed me.

Neat display

Here is a need UI for news stories:

Changed my mind

I am suing about the cat food. They pissed me off today when I called and asked questions.

I was willing to give them medical records, other cans of cat food, and lab samples. They didn't give me anything but a hard time.

If they don't want to tell me I'll drop a nice subopena duces tecum for the records of all their tests. They have plants in the US and I bought the food at a local grocery store. There certainly is nexus through minimum contacts.

University of South Florida

MPOW is going to have several people at the University of South Florida's SLIS the 20th. Be sure to stop by if you are a student, or in the Tampa area to learn about the positions available in the non-traditional library world.

I had planned to be there, but I am out of town at training all week (another great benefit of mpow). So if you can join all the good folks @ USF SLIS and MPOW.

Recalled cat food

This is not at all library related, except perhaps that almost all the librarians I know have cats.

I have one can of Iams sliced chicken in gravy cat food that has been recalled. I should say that I have one can left, Baxter ate the other several dozen I bought on my last trip to the grocery store. I had to have my cat euthenized last Sunday due to acute renal failure.

Beware the Ides of March

So far no one has jammed a knife in me and I'm home from work so I guess I've made it through another I-o-M.

More jobs at MPOW in Sunny Florida (with relo !)

OK here are some more openings at My Place of Work. Probably similar salaries to the last bunch (generally 2x what you would get in a PL here)

Research-Corporate Adverse Risk

Conduct research on prospective clients and event-driven continuances as part of the -- Risk Management process. Responsible for identifying risk through on-line searches of media, litigation, and public record databases Analyze research findings, prepare concise reports and communicate adverse search results in - MPOW's computer system. Special projects as assigned.

At least 3-5 years performing comparable research in a corporate environment
Excellent knowledge of on-line research sources including expertise in searching Lexis/Nexis, Factiva, Internet and SEC public filings.
Background experience in risk research preferred
Working knowledge of legal research sources (eg Pacer, Courtlink, Westlaw) helpful
Ability to write clear concise reports detailing adverse findings.
Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal skills
Demonstrate effective judgment
Team player
Strong initiative
Ability interact with all levels of management
Ability to manage multiple tasks and follow through to completion
Highly organized and detail oriented
Analytical/investigative skills
MLS in Information Science preferred but equivalent corporate experience acceptable. Will Consider Relocation Job in Tampa.

2nd one:

Job not yet replicated to public HR view:

Associate in Research and Information Services. (1 level below the position above salary probably about 1.75x what a local PL librarian would earn)


In this position, the Business Researcher (Associate) is responsible for providing relevant research and analysis to Assurance, Advisory and Tax partners and staff. This can range from providing quick fact checking to synthesized research that demonstrates the ability to use sophisticated research skills (source selection and search strategies) and to produce value-added research responses and research analysis (interpretive and analytical reviews of information/data). An understanding of available research databases and creative approaches to finding information is required. Additional responsibilities can include: aiding in the training of staff on desktop resources and participating in product trials and contributing to evaluations of information products.

Conducting reference interviews to develop full scope of request while carrying research request assignments.
Providing navigational/training instructions where appropriate.
Liaising with other firm research groups and resources as needed to fulfill requests.
Continuously increasing knowledge of critical source tools and resources relative to end-user research needs.
Synthesis and codification of research findings into a meaningful response.
Participate in vendor updates and perform preliminary evaluations of information products.
Applying knowledge of firm strategy/organization to developed solutions.


~ 2-4 years experience in a research role
Demonstrable experience in an information service environment
Familiarity with the use of external research databases (i.e. Dialog, Dun &
Bradstreet, Factiva, Lexis-Nexis, Thomson Financial)
Understanding of the importance of knowledge within a professional services environment
Experience in the areas of financial analysis, company/industry research, business presentation drafting, personal client interaction, and management of multiple tasks is preferred
Qualified candidate should have an understanding of financial statements, should have analytical and problem solving skills, and should be comfortable working under tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment
Proficiency with the use of common office systems, particularly Excel, Word,
Lotus Notes and PowerPoint experience
Proven ability to communicate efficiently in a corporate setting
Must be prepared to work flexibly and cooperate within the Organization (--O) infrastructure
Excellent writing, interviewing and communication skills
Must be a team player with a demonstrated ability of working with various levels of management
Takes initiative, has proactive attitude and is willing to question established routines and practices
Demonstrated ability to deliver high quality work product under tight deadlines for several simultaneous projects

Bachelor's Degree required, Master's Degree (Library and Information Services/Science) preferred.

Relocation considered.

So let me know if you are interested in either of these positions and I tell you what firm, and how to apply. Yes there is a referral bonus(for me) if I submit your CV and you're hired. Just metioning that in the intrest of full disclosure.

Money! (well for Florida/Carribean Librarians) for SLA


SLA Florida and Caribbean Chapter


SLA 2007 Annual Conference

Denver, CO - June 3-6, 2007

The Florida and Caribbean Chapter of SLA is offering a grant that will reimburse travel expenses of up to $1,000 to attend the SLA 2007 Annual Conference in Denver. The Chapter may
award a student grant and a professional grant for a total of up to two $1,000 awards. For more information please visit the SLA Florida-Caribbean Chapter web site at

Free mouthwash at Publix (a local grocery store)

I got free mouthwash today at Publix. Having been a public librarian I do know the value of a dollar, and I abide by the rule: If it is free it is for me. (This also explains the box of maxipads I have had for a decade.)

So today as I was doing my weekly cat food run I walked by the pharmacy and saw two ladies trying to hold a third lady in a chair. I asked if everything was alright, and one of the ladies told me the woman felt lightheaded when shopping so the pharmacist suggested she sit down.

Anybody want a job in Tampa, mid 50's to start

Anybody with an MLS with a healthcare background want to be a research analyst? MPOW is looking for an experienced hire with 5yrs experience in research and healthcare. Mid 50's - 60ish to start.

There is also a writer/analyst position that does not require an MLS but would benefit from 5-5+ years experience in technical writing/journalism experience. Salary probably low to mid 50's.

Rich alumni overrule PC academics @ William and Mary

The cross in the Chapel of the Wren building at William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia is being returned to its proper place. The removal of the cross in a misguided attempt at political correctness set off a wave of displeasure by many of the alumni.

The replacement of the cross follows a number of public calls for no cross no cash.

The meaning of life, the universe and everything.

OK here are some ramblings that really have nothing to do with anything in particular and are only related to libraries because I am a librarian and because she of the immeasurable patience works in one.

Jesus would want him fired? I live near Largo, Florida and the City Manager is going to undergo a sex change operation. Personally I think that is unusual and I thank God that I don't feel that I've been born in the wrong body. Is it wrong? well I can't say that it is. However the Pastor (L. stupid arse) of Lighthouse Baptist Church of Largo said:

"Mr. Stanton is not a role model. He's proven that. I think for the sake of our young people today, you need to do what's right, and that's terminate him. ... If Jesus was here tonight, I can guarantee you he'd want him terminated. Make no mistake about it."

I am not the best Catholic on the face of the Earth, but I don't think Jesus wants anyone fired. The City Manager is not going to sue the city. It is nice to see someone who has some class once in a while. Too bad I don't have a job that pays $140K but I'm sure that he will find something.

Does being a City Manager require a penis? It is his penis if he wants to cut it off (along with his scrotum and testes) it should be OK.

I worked with someone who was going through a sex change. I knew it was not a 'traditional' woman when she came to work wearing a brown skirt, cream coloured blouse, brown jacket, appropriate hosiery and brown shoes but carrying a purple and black purse. Hell, even I know a purple and black purse does not go with brown. We worked at IBM together. She said she had known since she was a kid she was to be a girl but had been born in the wrong body. I have no idea what is behind that. She finally quit (oddly just days after vesting :>) because she was tired of being given a hard time by almost everyone about which restroom she used.

I was the on-call manager for weekends one day and I had to go into the office. She was there as well and we happened to have to use the loo at the same time. Apparently the women were freaked out by her using their bog, so as we both walked to the gent's she said do you mind if I use the men's room. I replied that as long as she didn't p**s on me I don't care if she uses the next cube. It amazes me why some people need to get so involved in other people's business. The whole -let he who is without sin cast the first stone - thing requires that I just shut the hell up and MYOB.

OK next pointless point. I bought a new stethoscope today, well I ordered it. It should arrive soon. A Littmann Master Cardiology ; navy blue of course. This is a bit of a present to myself. I am very pleased that I am a nurse, but sometimes I wonder why I ever did that. I was named in a medical malpractice case a few weeks ago, for a patient I can't even remember. I carry professional liability insurance so I called them and faxed the summons and complaint into them. They took care of it (it turns out I was added in error because my initials are M.D. they thought I was one of the physicians. [see why I don't practice law in the US]) so I have been dismissed from the action. However it was a bit of an annoying week while I waited to find out why I was being sued. So I doubt I'll ever practice as a nurse again in the US. Sure I'll save your ass if you get in a car accident or hit by lightning, but as a career, nope not again. I will keep my license mostly so I can go on trips to other countries, but I am so tired of charting for the lawyers.

That about sums up my week, except I did get in OPS (other people's stuff) to help an old guy with a broken down car on a busy 8-lane road in Clearwater. It was so broken he couldn't get it in neutral to push it. I called the cops to send someone and directed traffic until they (never) came. He has AAA and the tow truck got him out of the road. Most everyone was helpful and let other drivers in; the only people who were idiots and almost killed me were those on the phone. STFU and drive. No one can tell me that holding a phone to your head or even having a call with a headset does not distract a driver. Why is this legal? (Keep this part to yourself; she of the ultimate patience is not thrilled with my frequent involvement in OPS. She wants me to stay out of other people's problems. Unfortunately that's not me.)

So that is my week, oddly a not unusual week for me.


Does anyone learn English anymore?

I dealt with students who were barely literate when I was a librarian, students in high school who could not write a correct sentence if their life depended on it. I saw students who wrote as if there were sending text messages and students too lazy to look up a word to see if they had spelled it correctly, too lazy even to google the word to get ..did you mean... suggestions.

Why then in NYC opening a school to teach students in Arabic ?

I think it is wonderful that students are bilingual but lets make sure they have English down pat before we immerse them in another language. Now, I am giving the NYC schools the benefit of the doubt and assuming that the students that will be enrolled in this school already speak English and are taking Arabic as a second language - perhaps the language they speak at home or perhaps as an elective, but do we really need these type of immersion programs when we hear complaints that the NCLB and unfunded mandates are sapping the schools of funds needed for their core curricula?

Teaching children a second or third language is great, in fact in my schooling I have taken formal classes in five of them and can still speak three of them, including English, with some degree of fluency. That said, bilingual education, in which students are taught in their mother tongue and English is trendy but ineffective. Look at the immigrants to this country who had to assimilate. Did your parents, or grandparents, or perhaps great grandparents speak English when they arrived. If not did they go to school where they were to speak Polish, or German, or Italian in school. No of course not, before the pop psychology/ educational diversity nonsense came along everyone learned to speak English because it was needed in everyday life in commerce and daily business dealings. Sure it didn't have to be English, it could have been Swahili for all the difference it makes, but the US has adopted both by usage and legislation English as the common language of trade.

Now I don't care what anyone speaks at home, I don't care what anyone speaks at work amongst themselves but when you engage in commerce, when you go to the 7-11 for a loaf of bread, or take the car in for a repair everybody needs to speak a common language and here it is English. The store clerk can speak to the stock boy in Norwegian, but if he tells me seks femti is the total I will just stare at him until he learns how to say it in English or I get annoyed and leave.

I don't travel to foreign countries without the a basic knowledge of the language unless I take someone with me who speaks that language. I am sure as hell not going to move to Greece next week and expect to be understood because I'd have to eat spanakopita and baklava and drink ouzo all day. I sure as hell wouldn't expect them to open a public school where my kids (had I any) could speak English half the time. It would be nice but a public school is not the place for that. A private school or private language lessons are the proper fora for that.

Teaching a second language is fine, teaching in a public school in a second language because students don't understand the country's primary language is absurd.

Whacky LOC cataloging

The LOC has an author entry for the Spirit of John Lennon. Oddly it does not have an author entry for God. Very perplexing because their Author entry is labelled "Author/Creator" on their search page.

One would think God would be categorized under the Creator heading, especially if Spirit of just one person, albeit a Beatle, does.

Try it yourself here.


Not that this is new as we are talking about the Cuban Librarians from time to time here. However I recently found the Court Documents from the cases in which these librarians were involved.


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