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Reference Desk statistics

There are many studies that indicate that the number of reference transactions are declining at the desk.

For example,
7th Annual Virtual Reference Desk Conference

abstract by Lisa Horowitz, Jennifer Harter
titled "Planning, Writing and Implementing a Reference Assessment Plan" include
'Reference services and staff are scrutinized as budgets tighten in response to events such as rising serials costs and declining reference desk statistics'.

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-download a copy of a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Free Patents online

Free Patents Online

Information Skills using video or virtual games

I am just wondering if there are any video games/virtual games available or someone designing them, to use them to teach and reinforce library skills. What got me into this was the presentation by Alane Wilson, at the IATUL conference that I attended this year in Quebec City.

Poster on blogging at the ASEE ELD conference - June 2005

Our poster and the hand out can be accessed at

Keep Up-To-Date Using Subject Specific Blogs, RSS Feeds, and Listservs, Bhatt, Peggy Dominy, Andrew Wheeler (handout)

There are some other interesting posters and papers which can be accessed from this site.

These include:
Digital Libraries for Engineering Education
Craig Beard

The National Science Digital Library (NSDL) – John Saylor

Science and Technology Libraries

I am interested in starting a section on Science and Technology Libraries within LISNews. Being and engineering information services consultant and librraian, I am interested publishing and reading news items about developments in this type of a setting. For example, here is my blog http://englibrary.blogspot.com for engineering formation to our faculty and students.


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