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Wiki, wiki

Apparently, Wikipedia is rethinking the open edit situation. Now, they are looking to limit user edits...for good reason, too. An entry claiming that Senator Ted Kennedy died after President Obama's inauguration on the 20th sparked this flaming interest in changing the way things are done. For more, read about it on cnet news.

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E-mail Tracking in UK

Lookout, Patriot Act...someone is surpassing you. The UK is spending 25 million pounds to track everyone's email.

I can't imagine how this could work. With the number of meaningless emails my friends and I send back and forth...we'd crash the system!

Bunny Burnstein

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Librarian, a profession by any other name...

Is the term “librarian” antiquated? The term derives from the Latin word librarius meaning “of books.” That hardly seems sufficient any more, does it? Why, with the advent of the Internet, the Kindle, and Google, books aren’t all we do any more. Should we be called Information Specialists? Or perhaps Information Professionals? Or how about…Informarians!

Best Careers of 2009

So...once again, we are listed as one of the best careers of 2009 in U.S. News and World Report. I find this exciting because we were one of the best careers of 2008, too. It's nice to know that not everyone thinks we can be replaced by Wikipedia.

Bunny Burnstein

P.S. I love the comments on the last post. Very interesting!

Libraries in a Tough Economy...are we winning or losing?

I read this entry (and watched the video) from ALA TechSource, and I just have to comment on it. Yes, it makes sense that, in this economical climate, libraries are booming with business. Free books, free movies, free Internet...sometimes free entertainment for the family. These are all important reasons libraries exist. Yet...aren't we still victims of this economy? Less money means less jobs...or lower-paying jobs.

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RezLibris, December 2008 issue

Hello all! I just wanted to announce that the second issue of RezLibris, a library magazine created in Second Life, is out! Check it out at http://rezlibris.com/

No...you don't have to be involved in Second Life to read it...or even to enjoy it. So, take a glimpse...let us know what you think!

Bunny Burnstein

Visual Bookmarking

I ran across an interesting post in iLibrarian about visual bookmarking! Basically, bookmarking images the way you normally do articles or web sites. This sounds like a great idea! I can't count the number of times I've wanted to find a particular image again with no luck. These visual bookmarking sites also allow you to share the photos you find with others. How great is that?! Now, you don't have to hunt for images you'd like to share with your friends.

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How to Kill Innovation

I just had to share this post from Library Bytes and the article from University Business that inspired it. Apparently, discouraging progress is a problem everywhere!

Kudos to Prof. Longhair for sending me the link!

Bunny Burnstein

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Second Life vs. Facebook

Okay, may I first say that I'm having a heck of a time figuring out how to blog on this site. Any guidance would be great! I'm tired of doing weird things in order to get to the post link...help!

Now onto Second Life avatars on Facebook. I find this really interesting. Apparently, Facebook is banning anyone they suspect of not using their real names! This is unfortunate because it has actually led them to ban people with unusual, but real, names. What shot do I have? I first read about this issue in the Reuters/Second Life Blog, but the full story can be found at the Sydney Morning Herald site. Basically, if you aren't yourself on Facebook, you are banned. If you want to remove the ban, you have to go through all sorts of trouble (i.e. documents proving your identity) in order to come back. I think this is ridiculous. I admit that I've never cared for Facebook as much as other sites...I find the look less...clean. Less organized. But this latest thing irritates me. As someone with a unique name, I would be pretty annoyed if they decided I wasn't "real." If I don't want my real picture on there, but a picture of my avatar...is that going to count against me? Whatever happened to freedom of expression?

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Blogging, the Next Generation

Hello, all! I am Bunny Burnstein, and I am a virtual librarian. I spend a lot of time in Second Life, attending library functions, so that's probably what you will read a lot about in this particular blog. I also have a blog that I've been working on for a couple of months: Tales of a Virtual Librarian. That blog is dedicated to my adventures in Second Life (and other virtual worlds) and to sharing free Internet resources with the public. It's a great place to find free reference web sites on a variety of topics.

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