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Monopoly Money Being Replaced

Hasbro is replacing Monopoly money with Visa debit cards. (Via Gizmodo)

I guess corporate sponsorship is slowly working itself into everything.

EPIC 2015 - Future of Media

EPIC 2014 has been circulating on the web for some time now. This flash movie really forces someone to think about media and communication well into the future.

Notice there is the old 2014 version that was actually pretty close on some of its early predictions and a newer, improved 2015 version.

Creating a Book from a Blog

Watch a 4-minute video about a company called Blurb that provides a free computer application that takes content from a blog and creates a book. The company makes its money when you decide to physically publish.

Email Tax

I heard about an "email tax" sometime ago and I guess the email tax discussions are still continuing.

I am not sure how charging people to send email will reduce spam. I think it will just decrease legitimate emails and cause the normal (legal) users to move to instant messaging, VoIP, or other internet communication methods. Lets improve email protocols to prevent spam and make spam illegal and punishable, not harm a relatively cheap communication method.

Google in Bed with Napster?

Is Google considering the purchase of Napster? When does Google run out of money or stretch their resources (people, technology, users, etc.) too thin?

It seems to me some focus is needed here and hopefully some strong competition from other companies. Eventually the new ideas may run thin if no alternatives to Google's variety of tools are developed.

Yahoo Search Offering Incentives?

I guess Yahoo Search is considering offering incentives to users that make Yahoo their primary search engine. Some of the responses I have seen so far are showing mixed reviews.

Stupid Lawsuits

When will the stupid lawsuits stop? Apple is being sued by a person that has suffered hearing loss because he listened to his iPod at too loud of a level.

Newton Free Library & Computer Search - Follow Up

City demands warrant in FBI investigationNewton TABBy Dan AtkinsonWednesday, January 25, 2006

FBI won't seize library recordsNewton TABBy Galen MooreThursday, January 26, 2006

Related Readings:

Susan W. Brenner and Barbara A. Frederiksen, Computer Searches and Seizures: Some Unresolved Issues, 8 Mich. Telecomm. Tech. L. Rev. 39 (2002) 40 pp. Focuses on Off-Site versus On-Site Computer Search Procedures by the Department of Justice. Discusses application of "plain view" doctrine to computers.

FindLaw: U.S. Constitution: Fourth Amendment: Annotations pg. 4 of 6

Ensuring the Admissibility of Electronic Forensic Evidence and Enhancing Its Probative Value at Trial
Criminal Justice MagazineSpring 2004, Volume 19 Number 1By Fred Galves and Christine Galves

My Commentary:I am been doing some reading to learn where the library legally can stand on this issue. The FBI said "plain view" was an issue, but they decided to wait for the warrant. While I found some related readings on plain view, and cannot find anything specific to this type of situation. In other court cases, plain view in computer searches was only relevant when a warrant for one type of computer file was being served and another file was found. For example, police search a computer by following a warrant looking for tax records and than in "plain view" find child pornography. Other cases have ruled that actual computer files are not in "plain view" since a computer application is needed to open them.

Has anyone seen a court ruling that actually addresses the "plain view" of computers in a public library?

Publish Don't Perish

I am adding this resource about publishing written by Rachel Singer Gordon, so I do not forget about it in the future.

Publish Don't Perish

20 Technology Skills Every Librarian Should Have

I think The Shifted Librarian was right on with the proposed top 25 technology skills for librarians. I wonder how many new graduates already have these skills or if they are not ready for the real world upon graduation?

New Version of iPods Available (Parody)

This parody about iPods is great. It had me rolling on the floor.

iPod Flea

Some comments can be found here, plus additional links.

Another Use of RFID

I just read of another use of RFID technology, this time providing information to students of garden tours. Maybe this will be the new way to provided library tours in the future.

Not Monitoring Wireless Access

Read this story, Drive Up, Log On, from LJ Tech Blog. This is a utilization of a service that I am sure most libraries (or other organizations) do not think of.

See the links I recommend through

Here is sites I have viewed recently and thought were worth noting:

Patron Privacy

Are patrons as concerned with their privacy as we think? Have library professionals created a bigger issue than really exists? For example, look at this person's website. He openly posts his checked out books and holds for the whole world to see.

My new blog

Check out my new blog, e3 Information Overload. I will use it to highlight resources to support the academic needs of faculty and students in engineering, mathematics, and statistics.

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