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I got a job!

After almost two years of searching for a children's librarian position, my perserverance paid off. I was offered a job as a children's librarian in a public library. The director is awesome and has done enormous work to improve the library for both its patrons and staff members. Honestly, I have never met a director who cares so much about the library and promoting its services. Additionally, I know I will learn a lot from the director's leadership skills and the environment feels so right.

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Any Children's Librarians Out There?

If so, please tell me how I can break into children's librarianship? After I graduated with my MLS, I was forced to take a position in the archives/records management field--the bank didn't care that there were no librarianship jobs around. I have been applying for children's librarian jobs for over a year and its been rejection after rejection. I know I don't have that much experience, but how am I supposed to gain more experience if no one will give me a chance? Any insights?

Thanks for listening.

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Today I am going for the second course of acupuncture for the treatment of migraines. I have been to the neurologist and quite simply, the medications he gave me did not work. Fellow library workers suggested TCM (traditional chinese medicine) and someone even found me a really good deal that only charges $30 per session.

One of the great things about working in a library is the access to a myriad of great databases. There are some really interesting articles on acupuncture. If anyone is interested please e-mail me and I will forward them to you.

The long walk home 08/14/03.

I was working in the library trying to figure out which of our microfilms needed to be discarded, when my computer went down and the lights started flickering around me like a 70s disco. My coworkers and I thought that just the library's power had gone out. However, we knew the problem was widespread when we went outside and saw New Yorkers desperately dialing their cell phones. I really had no idea what to do except to start walking.
I finally reached home after three hour of walking. I was not upset, because worse scenarios have happened.


This is only a test.

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