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Collaboration Seeks to Provide Easier Access to E-Books

From the Chronicle of Higher Education
February 28, 2011, 6:41 pm
By Tushar Rae

The steady growth of e-books has forced libraries to contend with how to curate and distribute materials in a way that makes them easy for increasingly technology-oriented patronage to access.

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Publishers Look Beyond Bookstores

Reminds me that I want to visit BookMarc on Bleecker Street when the weather warms up....

Published in the New York Times: February 27, 2011

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Google Revamps Search Engine to Fight Cheaters

From the Wall Street Journal


Google Inc., long considered the gold standard of Internet search, is changing the secret formula it uses to rank Web pages as it struggles to combat websites that have been able to game its system.

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Social Media Lure Academics Frustrated by Journals

By Jennifer Howard in the Chronicle of Higher Education

It's Time for a National Digital-Library System

Opinion piece in the Chronicle Review by David Rothman, who is a writer and founder of TeleRead, a Web site devoted to news and discussion of e-books and related topics. He is also a cofounder of, an informal, nonprofit group working toward a universal national digital-library system. He clearly has some skin in the game.

It's Time for a National Digital-Library System
But it can't serve only elites

By David H. Rothman

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Did you know the BOOK?

I clearly have too much time on my hands. It's not even Friday and here's another video about the new product called BOOK, with english subtitles, so you can watch it with the sound off....

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Social media: A guide for researchers

Social media is an important technological trend that has big implications for how researchers (and people in general) communicate and collaborate. Researchers have a huge amount to gain from engaging with social media in various aspects of their work.

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History of pollution found in old books

By Viva Sarah Press
February 21, 2011

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Save our Library

Funny cartoon from The Telegraph

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Stop Motion Video and bookcases

Who knew? It's not Friday but these are fun to watch.

Organizing the bookcase -- love the soundtrack!

The Amazing Stop Motion Bookshelf

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Digital Library of America

Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society has set up a planning wiki as a place to get input from the public about the Digital Public Library of America initiative. It's in the early stages but will be interesting to watch and participate.. Check it out here.

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Funding and Priorities: The Library Resource Guide Benchmark Study on 2011 Library Spending Plans

This study, conducted by the Library Resource Guide (LRG) — in conjunction with Unisphere Research, the market research division of Information Today, Inc (ITI) — in October and November 2010 among libraries listed in ITI’s American Library Directory, reveals current spending patterns for public, academic, government, and special libraries and projects budget and other spending trends for 2011.

From Information Today. You will need to register to download the report.

Download here

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Subscriptions for the Masses

Any article that has the word "kerfuffle" in it gets a mention in my blog. This one, happily, is even of interest and relevant.

Subscriptions for the Masses. Talks about Apple's just announced subscription model for content. From the New York Observer.

Writer of Redwall Series, Dies at 71

From the NYT

Brian Jacques, Writer of Redwall Series, Dies at 71
Published: February 9, 2011

He was a longshoreman and a long-haul trucker; a merchant mariner and a railway fireman; a boxer, a bus driver and a British bobby. But it wasn’t until he became a milkman that Brian Jacques found his métier.......Read more here

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What Scientists Think about Open Access Publishing

The SOAP (Study of Open Access Publishing) project has run a large-scale survey of the attitudes of researchers on, and the experiences with, open access publishing. Around forty thousands answers were collected across disciplines and around the world, showing an overwhelming support for the idea of open access, while highlighting funding and (perceived) quality as the main barriers to publishing in open access journals. This article serves as an introduction to the survey and presents this and other highlights from a preliminary analysis of the survey responses.

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Building a Large-Scale Print-Journal Repository

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

Communication Google Style: Interactivity and Trust

Article in current Online by Jill O'Neill that looks at Google Wave and Google Buzz and their impact on communication and information dissemination.

Read it here.

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There is more to discovery than you think ...

From Lorcan Dempsey's Weblog

Colleagues at the University of Minnesota have produced another must-read report on the discoverability of library resources [Splash page, PDF]. Importantly, it provides a framework within which to think about evolving issues and in this way makes a real contribution to our understanding of the environment and ability to plan for change.....Read more here

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IT's Role in the Library of the Future

Podcast from the Chronicle's Tech Therapy series featuring Sue Stroyan, information-services librarian for Illinois Wesleyan University speaking about the trend to merge IT and Library services at academic institutions.

Listen here

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