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Aww.. Nice Quotes

"Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade. It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit."

activist and author Abbie Hoffman

"One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws. Conversely, one has a moral responsiblity to disobey unjust laws."

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Your Input in Planning for your Library

the Chattahoochee Valley Regional Library System will hold public forums to help decide the future planning of the library there. The Columbus Public Library is the system's newest library and 50 million dollar investment. They plan to also conduct focus groups including teens, senior, parents and teachers. Having a say on how your tax dollars are being spent...

Ledger Enquirer Article

the Big Lebowski Conspiracy

those of you who have seen the Big Lebowski...

in the scence when he's at Ralph's writing a check, he dates the check September 11... and then looks to a TV with Bush senior on it.... kinda eerie...


this guy is insane.. has anyone watched the show blowout?? i really would like to think this is an act..but sadly it's probably not.. especially when he makes comments like..."seeing my son's face in the morning is worth all of the hair products in the world!" by the way.. he's a "famous" hairstylist.

You Tube Video

65 % Solution

there is a proposed solution out there for educational funding.. the 65 % solution is really not a solution at all according to the ALA. The solution would rob school libraries directly of funding needed to employ librarians and equipment needed to help our children succeed in the future.Michael Gorman in USA today article

My Favorite Organization_BAD RAP

Bad Rap is a pro pit-bull organization run out of San Francisco.. They rescue pits and hold education and training classes in the Bay Area.. I only wish there was more bad raps out there! As a pit-bull owner myself, i have become very passionate about the breed and the suffering and discrimination that surrounds them! On the home page of BAD RAP there is a link to a court document in Ohio where they have found that breed specfic laws, such as deeming all pit-bulls to be "viscious dogs" is Unconstitutional..

Be glad you don't live in Russia....

Article Link

In russia they like to equate human rights with religious morals.. So if you don't live the moral religious life, then i guess you have no "human rights"..hmm... I want to move there tomorrow!

Discrimination in the Workplace

In the UK, gay activists group.. Stonewall is working hard to distribute pamphlets through libraries and other organizations. Stonewall is promotiong their campaign to end sexual orientation discrimination.

Pink News Link

Libraries wearing the Corporate Mask

Lexington Herald Article

one of many articles.. dedicated to the fact that the libraries most are familiar with are changing.. those who work or have worked in a library already know this.. libraries needed to step up the game to compete in today's world. big business runs everything and now even our libraries.

ALA Helps out Libraries is Katrina Affected Areas


ALA is set to contribute 100k to help rebuild Mississippi libraries. They estimate that it will take 40 million to rebuild libraries in that area. wow.. they also talk about the adopt a library program that is in place.. Is it time for corporate donations or what??? I'm sure the 100 thousand will help out but looking at the 40 million, it's going to take a looong time.

Library in CA Closed for Cesar Chavez Day.. How Cool

I think this is awesome! Libraries in Tracy County, CA are closed today in honor of Cesar Chavez. I think we need to bring more attention to wonderful people like this.

Tracy Press Article

Conservatives Against Censorship?? Libraries filtering sites

this article comes from the ALA and i think it's kind of funny that this conservative group has sued about their website being filtered from the libraries in this system. Freedom of speech applies, i guess.. Who can determine whether this site is appropriate or not? I guess you can sue to find out!

Podcast Bandwagon.. libraries jumping on

I'm sure most know about or at least of podcasts.. In terms of ipods, some libraries are purchasing them to make available for checkout. ipods have been discussed for use when it comes to audio books to digitization projects.

Library Journal has alot of good articles of the topic.

Love the Daily Show!

video clip

on the link down below are clips of the show

What makes the news

i think it was the daily show who offered up this funny clip.. one washington goof ball was commenting on the fact that our beloved media only shows the bad that is happening in the world and in Iraq.. he goes on to talk about Fox news and how they seem to be the only ones who are putting positive news out there about the war and such. MEANWHILE.. as he giving praise to Fox they were showing a clip right by his head of a car bombing and chaos.. funny.. funny...stuff..

Ethical ethics

great site,

this is a really good link to some sites that offer links to web pages that help to bring awareness to other cultures.

Way cool music stuff and political too!

I've mentioned this record label before. They have alot of cool bands and they practice parecon. Propagandhi is one of the bands on the label.

they come from a land called Canada and you should check them out, not everyone will be into this type of music, but the messages they put out there are awesome..

ahh.. school

today i'm meeting with my academic advisor to discuss graduation! still.... i'm a little confused about what direction i will take myself with this masters degree. Every time i tell people what i'm going to school for, they get this confused look on their face and i have to go into a detailed description of the field, i almost have to defend myself about why i think this is a good idea. i know for sure that i won't be doing anything with my degree right away, it's more beneficial for me to stay with what i'm doing presently.. well this has been quite a ramble!


great video on some different theories about the buildings going down.

More on Parecon. Can it work?

Instead of efficiency machines, optimal incentive devices, cybernetic miracles, and human liberators, when we examine markets we find institutions that generate increasingly inefficient allocations of resources, unnecessarily deploy socially destructive incentives, bias and obstruct the flow of essential information, substitute trivial for meaningful freedoms, and lead to irremediable inequities in the distribution of goods and power.

quote from Robin Hahnel and Michael Albert


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