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Berkeley University Puts Full Courses on YouTube

The initial round of lectures covers 300 hours of video on subjects including Chemistry, Physics and Non-Violence, with more content to come. The move by Berkeley is claimed to be a first by some, however some of the videos have been previously available elsewhere, including iTunes and Google Video; perhaps it’s a first for YouTube.

Interior Photographs of World's Most Beautiful Libraries

Mostly from Western and Eastern Europe and USA - high quality photographs taken inside of the most elaborately architectured libraries around the world.

Themed Photo Archives of Our Unpredictable Society & Planet

Thousands of intriguing photographs in a themed archive of our society and our planet at its most unpredictable, bizarre and imaginative moments.


50 of the World's Most Influential Photographs

Starting from 1827 to 2006 -
Can you remember your initial responses upon first seeing these photographs?

Cell Videos Catch Girl being Stoned in Open View of Hundreds

Besides the cell phone video of the hanging of Saddam, this has possibly become the second most controversial cell video.

We have all heard about these horrors all of our lives, but it is completely different to see a live video versus reading or viewing a picture. Also, the spread of the Web and Social media makes global information immediately available within hours.

In some cultures, this is a reality - modern technology helps illustrate and archive it for the world. Will these types of revelations prompt global societal pressures for changes.

OFFICIAL: The Internet will be Redesigned from Scratch

A government contractor that played a key role in the Internet's birth will oversee efforts to redesign the network from scratch.

n the late 1960s, BBN won the contract to build a network linking machines at four universities. That network, then known as ARPAnet, grew to include the millions that form the Internet today.

BBN also played an important role in early e-mail technology, and one of its scientists, Ray Tomlinson, was the designator of the "at" symbol now part of e-mail addresses.

Google BookSearch Updates with Analog Search

Google Book Search allows you to instantly search the full text of over a million digitized books, but we thought that wasn't quite enough. Now when you search you'll get both digitized book results as well as records for millions of other books that still just exist in the analog world.

Presidential Candidates Speak at Google Headquarters

In February we were honored to host Sen. Hillary Clinton on campus for the first candidate visit, and last Friday we welcomed Sen. John McCain as our second visitor. We're flattered that the other candidates have responded positively to our invitations, and we're working to schedule their visits over the next few months.

President-Candidates Get Special YouTube Channel

A political channel debuts specially devoted to the Presidential candidates with comments from members

Mozilla launches Social Communities into FireFox

Enter The Coop, a Mozilla Labs project to experiment with adding social tools to the web browser. We want to create a fun and easy way to share links with your friends, and to browse the set of links that friends have shared with you. We also want to make it easy to subscribe to a friend in order to make it easy to keep track of the pictures, movies, blog posts and status information that they might be posting on a variety of services.

MySpace to Hold New Years Presidential Primary

The MySpace primary will be held on January 1 & 2, 2008, before any of the official state primaries. Every user will be asked to vote for their favorite candidate.

Most of the candidates already have MySpace pages. See, for example, Hillary Clinton (7,468 friends), John Edwards (16,921 friends), Rudy Guiliani (private profile), John McCain (3,596 friends) and Barack Obama (89,465 friends).

History of The First Blog Ever Created


Blogs: The evolution
Sometime in 1971
Les Earnest, currently a senior research scientist emeritus at Stanford University, creates the finger protocol.

December 1977
The finger protocol becomes an official standard.

January 1994
Swarthmore student Justin Hall begins compiling lists of links at his site,, and continues adding to the site for 11 years.

January 1995
Early online diarist Carolyn Burke publishes her first entry for Carolyn's Diary.

April 1997
Dave Winer launches Scripting News, which he calls the longest-running Web log currently on the Internet.

September 1997
Slashdot begins publishing "News for Nerds."

December 1997
Jorn Barger site apparently becomes the first to call itself a Web log.

Sometime in 1999
Brad Fitzpatrick launches Livejournal, which he calls his "accidental success."

Sometime in 1999
Peter Merholz of declares he has decided "to pronounce the word 'weblog' as 'wee-blog.' Or 'blog' for short."

August 1999
Three friends who founded a San Francisco start-up called Pyra Labs create a tool called Blogger "more or less on a whim."

January 2001
First crop of blogs nominated for the "Bloggies" award.

October 2001
First version of Movable Type content management software becomes available.

February 2003
Google acquires Pyra and its Blogger software.

May 2003
First official version of WordPress open-source blogging software released for download.

October 2003
Six Apart releases first version of its Typepad blogging service.

January 2004
Boston-based Steve Garfield launches his video blog, considered one of the first such "vlogs."

October 2005
VeriSign buys Dave Winer's Around the same time, AOL snaps up blog publisher Weblogs Inc.

February 2006
Veteran blogger Jason Kottke abandons his yearlong attempt to live off of micropayments through his blog.

January 2007
Members of the Media Bloggers Association number among the first bloggers to receive press credentials from a federal court.

February 2007
Freelance video blogger Josh Wolf becomes the longest-serving journalist behind bars in U.S. history on contempt charges.

How to Write Any Emoticon

Here are the codes for All of Them - New and old

How Load-Balancing Saved Internet from Feb's DNS Attack

Summary by CNet

ICANN's technical explanation and DNS overview

ICANN,s Official Blog - reader debate

Google Seeking to Hire a 'Public Sector' Librarian

Google is seeking a government/public sector information Librarian

Here is the Official Job Description

We're often asked whether there are librarians currently working at Google. The answer is "yes!" I'm sure there are more, but a few people I've worked with directly come to mind: Ben Bunnell, a frequent poster here as well as an active participant in our librarian outreach, is a graduate of the University of Michigan's School of Information. Adam Mathes, currently a Product Manager on the Book Search team, also has an MLS, as does Cathy Gordon, a Business Development Director.

The follow-up question, typically, is whether or not we have current openings for librarians. We usually send people to, where they can access the comprehensive list of Google job openings. However, I recently learned from a colleague in Google's new Public Sector Content Partnerships team that they're looking for a librarian to help the team navigate the world of public sector and government information, so I thought I'd send this on directly to you.

Content Analyst, Public Sector - Mountain View or Washington D.C.

Google is seeking an information professional to serve as the domain expert and analyst for a Public Sector Content Partnerships team. The candidate must have demonstrated background and skills in conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses of government and public sector information sources in support of strategic and tactical planning. The ideal candidate will be passionate about uncovering, interpreting, and helping to improve access to public sector information.


* Conduct quantitative and qualitative analyses of the information holdings of government agencies, courts, and public sector organizations at all levels, in the US and internationally.
* Identify public sector information formats and subject verticals to be integrated in Google’s search services.
* Identify, qualify, and tier prospective partners and, in some cases, initiate communication with contacts.
* Assist in developing content acquisition programs and partnership terms as well as marketing communications for prospective partners.


* MLS, with focus in government/public sector information and 2+ years of relevant work experience; JD or legal background a plus.
* Demonstrated track record in producing analytical and narrative reports.
* Superior written communication skills.
* Extreme attention to detail.
* Ability to effectively operate with high energy and flexibility in a fast-paced, constantly evolving team environment.
* Command of office and presentation applications.
* Proficiency in a second language a plus.
* Fluency in internet and content industry economics, segmentation, and trends a plus.
* Active participant in professional librarian community a plus.

If this sounds like the job for you, you can apply online -- just follow the requisition link and click the "Add to job cart" link at the bottom. And of course, feel free to forward this message on to anyone whom you think might be a fit. If you've got questions regarding this position, please email JL Needham ([email protected]) in Google's Public Sector Content Partnerships team.

Library of Congress Digitized Nuremberg Trial for Web Access

Trial of the Major War Criminals
before the International Military Tribunal
Nuremberg, 14 November 1945 - 1 October 1946

Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher is required to read these documents

'Social' (UGC) Dictionary /Thesaurus Debuts

You can also look up a word by simply adding it to the URL (so will pull up the definition of “example�).
The site also has a number of social features, allowing users to upload photos that are relevant to the word, add tags, rate words


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