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Teresa Heinz Disses Librarians

Interview in USA Today

Q: You'd be different from Laura Bush?

Bill C-250

Perhaps I missed this before, but I haven’t read anything posted by our Canadian friends here at LISNews about this legislation.


Preemption strategy finally adopted by Dems

..."If no signs of intimidation techniques have emerged yet, launch a 'pre-emptive strike...'"

223 to 1


Just a nod to Birdie for an earlier post that provided a catalyst to gather some thoughts about this issue. I doubt she agrees here but thanks just the same.


Kerry's Record on Civil Liberties

In a recent post I used the term "unknown quantity" to describe John F Kerry. The following
illustrates Mr. Kerry's historical ambivalence with civil liberties and how he and John Aschroft, though long time political rivals, have argued from different sides of the fence.

Consider then Senator Ashcroft's response to the Secure Public Networks Act, co-sponsored by John F Kerry back in 1997.

Smoking and Stinking Gun?

Many here at LISNews, particularly one Kanadian Clinton apologist, have weighed in on the "blame game" and what administration bears responsibility for our current crisis with Al Qaeda. We'll defer the official and final finger pointing to the 9/11 Commission.

SEErra Club?

Well, here it is. The long awaited synergy of smut and environmentalism.

Certainly gives new meaning to cherry and sequoia.

"We're idealists, call us 'environmental radicals,'" Ellingsen said. "Porn is just a means of reaching our goals."

Kanada Rekonsidered

A Kanadian anarchist writes…�Dude, our elected assholes aren't fucking around anybody but Canadian citizens. The government of Canada has never gone in for such wholesale imperialism that we've become hated around the world; quite the contrary, Canada is generally respected in foreign countries and Canadians who visit those countries are usually treated warmly; so much so that Americans have been known to wear clothing that implicitly identifies them as Canadians. We haven't perpetrated genocide against the Iraqi people and pretended nobody got hurt because those civilian casualties were only "collateral damage" anyway, and that doesn't count. We haven't invaded any foreign countries, ever, using an excuse that was obviously bullshit from start to finish as part of an effort to extirpate a sociological phenomenon, and certainly not against two of our former puppets. And speaking of puppets, Canada has never gone in for destabilizing governments and then installing a pet bloodyhanded butcher. In short, we have never comported ourselves in such a manner that we would have to enact such knee-jerk reactionary, paranoid measures because we haven't made ourselves a target.

Let’s be very clear here. Canada has been a stalwart ally and dependable friend of the U.S. This American loves Canada.

But this self-righteous prattle above must be called out. The label “coat holder� may be a bit harsh, but Canada has been reaping peace dividends, the same windfalls enjoyed by our European friends and South Korea, for years. Concurrently, for decades Americans have had a sizeable chunk of their tax dollars earmarked for the bullshit idea of protecting the world from those that hold little affection for hockey, much less democracy.

And when Trudeau wasn’t chasing American skirts, Streisand and Kidder to name a few, or Castro's olive fatigues, he was busy suspending the civil rights of the Quebec Liberation Front (FLQ), closing the borders and sending the army on a welcome wagon tour of Quebec. Bayonets affixed. (Did I mention Trudeau’s suspension of due process and the ability to arrest anyone belonging to the FLQ?) Now what about that dirty American John Ashcroft?

Genocide. Well now that certainly gets one’s attention doesn’t it. Perhaps our north of the border anarchist would like to discuss his lily white hands with a few Native Americans up there? Or was that killing done by the British? I do have a tendency to forget that, speaking of puppets, Canada played that role long after our country began its foray into destabilizing governments. Britain to be specific.

Back to war games. Money is good and Canada certainly has no compunction about blood-soaked greenbacks on a northbound train. Particularly in light of Canada's GNP dependence upon its war mongering US trading partner. I wonder if our anarchist has considered the groveling of Canadian companies such as GasTOPS, CAE, Heroux-Devtek and Magellan Aerospace to get their mitts on the US war machine’s Joint Strike Fighter appropriations?

Do I really need to mention the 18 billion in contracts Canada will be puckering up to The Great Satan to get?

I love Canada. And most Canadians. But for the comfortable anarchist types, the one’s with nice jobs, full pantries, high-speed dial up, and "No War for Oil" stickers on their Japanese imports I say this. That isn’t Canada you are living in. It’s Fantasy Island.

Self-Serbin' Clinton

Former President Clinton in an interview with Dan Rather considers his "efforts to help the residents of Kosovo and rid the world of a dictator", among his best as President. Clinton says, “The day that Kosovar war ended and I knew Milosevic's days were numbered was a great day. I had a lot of great days,".

Anyone from our American Library Association wish to second President Clinton’s sentiments here while concurrently condemning President Bush’s similar efforts to rid the world of a dictator?

This Just In. The System Works!

Well, here is the proof. With a Saudi national that fibbed on his visa application no less. He’s a free man. A genuine "Patriot Act Survivor". Enjoying First Amendment rights and protection not afforded to his fellow countrymen (and definitely women) back home. What was that annoying line of Yakov Smirnoff’s? “What a Country!�

To the Patriot Act paranoiacs. A plea. Can we now begin to tone down the hysteria? Just a bit anyway?

ACLU's "Cross"hairs

Rejoice secularists. Another victory has been won.

“Totalitarianism is not possible, unless you erase the past."

215 + 9/11 = 64

Contrary to the hopes of some, the Patriot Act is popular among Americans. Very popular. In fact, Mr. Kerry is now back on the PA bandwagon, obviously making the same connection that 64% of Americans have already made. That being the correlation of this law to national security post 9/11. As Jeff Jacoby aptly writes, “…the Patriot Act wasn't passed in a vacuum.�

Patriot Act in the Spud State

Al-Hussayen, a doctoral candidate at the University of Idaho, is charged with "...participating in an online community that promotes terrorism in addition to providing donations to charities and expertise to websites that praised suicide bombings in Chechnya and Israel." He is also charged with lying on his visa application. The trial (as of 5/28/04) will commence closing arguments on Tuesday.

It be a PC thang

"They're standing on the corner and they can't speak English," he said. "I can't even talk the way these people talk: 'Why you ain't.' 'Where you is.' ... And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk. And then I heard the father talk. ... Everybody knows it's important to speak English except these knuckleheads. ... You can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth!"


A professor at the University of Kentucky seeks to ban the KKK from his campus by arguing that it is a terrorist organization.

Porn Trip Wires

This story represents an increasingly problematic and rarely discussed issue in the filtering debate, "porn trip wires". Among other tactics such as mousetrapping, smut dealers are now hacking in legitimate web sites to ...repopulate them with adult content. Conclusion, porn brokers are adopting aggressive and illegal means to market. Make no mistake. This issue is entirely new and different than the current debate of freedom to access.

Obviously the smut industry is embracing technology to peddle, more accurately plant, their porn to an unassuming and underage public. Parental chaperones, the choice of the anti-filter crowd, are only as useful as their Alt Tab reflex time.

So here we are. Undesirables are infiltrating our libraries, finding new and more insidious ways to do this. Meanwhile, we librarians sit and watch outsiders take control of our collections, holding fervently to our "principles".

Is anyone in my profession willing to consider filters as a means to stop this?

(the following article is available via Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe. I was unable to find a “free� copy on the web)

PR Newswire

April 5, 2004, Monday

"Websense Research Shows Online Pornography Sites Continue Strong Growth, Increasing by Over 1.5 Million Since 2000, as Internet Porn Vendors Pioneer New Technology"

…Even employees who have no desire to visit pornography Web sites may do so unintentionally because porn companies purchase expired domain names for innocent-sounding Web sites, and use them to redirect Web surfers unknowingly to their own X-rated sites. Victims of this tactic include the Dutch Government and the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. Porn vendors have also successfully hacked into legitimate Web sites to repopulate them with adult content. For example, in Feb. 2004, a New York Assemblyman's campaign Web site was hijacked by a porn vendor named "Bob," and instead of the Assemblyman's home page, voters got "a guide to help find the best porn sites in the world."

According to the National Research Council, an additional tactic known as "mousetrapping" is used by porn companies to automatically redirect surfers to another Web site when they attempt to leave an adult site. This redirecting can repeat dozens of times, and usually requires the user to shut down the browser or restart the computer, which often leads to an increase in employee complaints and IT help-desk calls.

"Today's online pornography companies are incredibly aggressive and do whatever it takes to attract and keep visitors, from hacking into existing mainstream sites to stopping surfers from leaving their sites all together," said Kester. "In addition to putting the company at risk for sexual harassment or hostile workplace lawsuits, Internet porn clogs up valuable company bandwidth as well as wastes IT management's time."


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